ZORYA, Bar- restaurant, IMPERIAL VODKA ROOM, London NW1

ZORYA, Bar- restaurant, IMPERIAL VODKA ROOM, London NW1

A new experience in Eastern European dining………..

Zorya set within bustling Camden Town and a stones throw away from the rejuvenated Roundhouse is a modern and traditional Eastern European restaurant bringing together the eclectic Eastern European cuisine into a consolidated identity of a singular cuisine, from the Russian influenced Latvia, Poland and Lithuania to Czech and Hungarian delicacies and the Turkish- Greek influenced Moldova, Bulgaria and Serbia.

The inspired team of chefs under the leadership of Hungarian born Laszlo Szloboszlai have created a menu that is all encompassing bringing together the likes of Borsch, Bilinis, Palmenis, Stroganovs and the Golubtzy but go on to create a fusion of the familiar in a contemporary vein.

General Manager, Lithuanian born Ms Zana Gramakova whose experience in fine dining restaurants throughout Eastern Europe and her vast experience of cocktails has inspired the Imperial Vodka Room which is the bar area that boasts some 250 different vodkas from all corners of Eastern Europe and cocktails of home creation. Wines largely from Moldova, Hungary and Bulgaria adorn the wine list with a few Italian wines thrown in to complement several items on the food menu.

Zorya stems from the Slavic mythology of the guardian goddesses known as the Auroras. The Auroras represent the Morning Star (Zorya Utrennaya), the Evening Star (Zorya Vechernyaya) and the Midnight Star (Zorya Polunochnaya). In keeping with the mythological world of Zorya the three distinct dining rooms with a total capacity of 90 covers has been themed and named after Slavic mythological characters- Dennitsa, Psar-Ptitsa and Bouyan.

Zorya is for the discerning. Its elegance permeates throughout and exemplifies itself in both the dining menu and the bar menu with its unique infused vodkas and stunning cocktails.

Zorya brings Eastern European cuisine to the modern world without the inherited notions of the cuisine but yet retaining the flavours and originality of what was once good simple country cooking.

Bar- restaurant
48 Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AJ
T: 0207 485 8484 F: 0207 424 8552

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