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Combal.Zero Restaurant Review Of 2 Michelin star restaurant in Rivoli, Italy

Combal.Zero is a two-Michelin star restaurant in Rivoli, just outside of Turin. Davide Scabin is the chef and he is world-renowned for his creative flair and play on classical Italian dishes. Lucky David Constable Makes It to Italy….. Finally, I made it. From London to Milan (plane), Milan to Turin (train) and Turin to Rivoli read more …


A Private Dinner by Two Michelin Star Chef, Davide Scabin

A Private Dinner by Two Michelin Star Chef, Davide Scabin Lucky David Constable Reviews Davide Scabin opened his restaurant Combal.Zero in Turin in 1994. His attention was on regional dishes such as soups and roast rabbit and he has since become one of the world’s leading chefs for hypercreative and experimental cooking. One recent Monday evening read more …


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