Wine Guide – new guide helps everyone get a nose for the world of wine

Approachable and full bodied: new guide helps everyone get a nose for the world of wine

Wine-lovers now have a handy guide in the form of a new electronic book called Quicklook@Wine – the latest addition to a library of innovative ‘Know the Basics’ guides released by electronic publisher Quicklook Books, who specialise in creating short, clear eBooks.

The author of Quicklook@Wine, Richard Avery, explains: “I know from my years in the wine business that there are many people out there who yearn to know more about wine, but don’t want to spend the time – and the money – required to go on long wine tasting courses.

“Wine is one of life’s truly luxurious pleasures,” added Avery, “one that is made all the more enjoyable when you know the history, the nuances and the expert techniques involved.”

The book is under 25,000 words long – less than a third of the length of the average book – and written in an easy-to-read style. It covers viticulture and vinification techniques, grape varieties, what the labels tell you, how the industry operates and the how, where and what to think about when you are buying wine.

Richard Avery represents the fifth generation of his family to be associated with the wine trade. He studied at the University of Bordeaux and worked in the business in France. He also sits on the tasting panel for Decanter magazine and is a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Vintners.

He has also found the time to pursue a very successful career as a professional actor, performing on the West End stage and in a series of movies, operating under the guise of ‘Alex Avery’.

“I am delighted to take the opportunity to share my privileged wine education with others,” concluded Avery. “I hope the book will be the perfect bridge between the amateur and the professional wine taster.”

Special Note

Quicklook books are short non-fiction books. Assuming no prior knowledge on the part of readers, they deliver a basic knowledge of a subject in a book that most people will read in less than 90 minutes. A wide range of subjects will be covered. Other early titles will be Accountancy, Dogs, Defence and Human Resources. Unlike most ebooks, Quicklook books can be printed by purchasers. All Quicklook books cost £2.99, which includes VAT, where applicable.
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