Ayam Zaman Syrian Restaurant in Shepherds Bush

Syrian Restaurant, London

ayam restaurant london

Ayam Zaman opened its doors to customers back in 2013 with the aim of serving the best of authentic Syrian and Lebanese cuisine to the local community. The chefs are originally from Damascus with many years of experience in gastronomy.

With great emphasis on the interior design and the atmosphere the aim of the restaurant is to create an experience that would make customers feel as if they were in the heart of Damascus.

The Middle Eastern decor lends a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the interior that our customers enjoy a lot. We receive reviews from customers saying that even though they are not of arabic origin they very much enjoy the vibe of our restaurant and they do not feel out of place at all, on the contrary they feel they can embrace the Middle Eastern experience in London.

Customers can make online reservations and even order food online. Ayam Zaman often caters for large parties, events and weddings and always go the extra mile to make it memorable for their customers.

On Saturdays and Sundays customers can enjoy a breakfast buffet that starts at 10 o’clock serving a wide variety of Syrian and Lebanese dishes. This is very popular.

Serving the Best Syrian and Middle Eastern Dishes in London

Ayam Zaman

Cuisine: Syrian , Middle Eastern
Address: 258 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, London, W12 7JA
Telephone: 02087406816
Opening Hours:


The Best London Street Food Stalls for Breakfast and Lunch

London’s street food scene is so varied and colourful that it will make you put away even your best pans for your glass top stove and hit the streets looking for something new to eat.

While traditional British cuisine is alive and well, there’s been a boom in popularity when it comes to other culture’s cuisines.

Particularly in the London street food scene.

What is Street Food?

…prepared or cooked food sold by vendors in a street or other public location for immediate consumption.

Strictly speaking that is so, but many street food vendors have moved on to fully fledged restaurants or cafes.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. That’s what this list is for.

London Street Food – Eat My Pies

Eat My Pies

When it comes to British street food, it doesn’t get more traditional than pies, which have been sold through the city for centuries.

Eat my Pies knows this and celebrate great British food by creating high quality and great tasting pies; Scotch eggs, pork pies and even custard tart are just some of Eat my Pies most popular dishes but you’ll be able to find pasties, sandwiches, quiches and else, making this the perfect place to eat at during breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

You’ll be able to find them Thursdays and Fridays at White Cross Market and at Broadway Market during the Saturdays, but if you can’t wait don’t worry, they do caterings.

London Street Food – Zardosht

A staple at Broadway Market, Zardosht is a Persian oasis in the otherwise chaotic atmosphere of the market. Sisters Soli and Sanaz own this place and their fresh and delicious take on their traditional food is something you just have to taste.

Their saffron and orange chicken is particularly delicious and a must eat when you’re looking for a pick-me-up before resuming your busy day around the city.

Due to their popularity, they have a permanent spot as a sit-down restaurant at Daltson’s Café OTO, but you can find them at Broadway Market every Saturday until 5 pm.

Waffle On

 london street food

There’s something about street food that invites people to experiment with all kinds of whacky combinations and ways of cooking. Perhaps it’s the change of scenery, the need to stand out from similar vendors or simply the fact that food truck owners tend to be very creative.

Waffle On is an excellent example of this, as they’ve turned what’s a traditional breakfast food in an experience in flavors.

Their duck waffles are absolutely delicious, with slow-cooked, hand-shredded duck and a sweet-and-sour plum sauce that blend to perfection. If that isn’t enough, their duck waffle is topped with a deliciously cooked egg, so as you take the first bite you’ll enjoy a mix of flavors that will have you making a noise even if you’re the world’s most stoic eater.

41 Maltby Street-Ropewalk, London SE1 3PA, UK

Saturday 9AM–5PM
Sunday 11AM–5PM

Jamón Jamón

london street food

Literally translated to “ham ham”, this fantastic street food stall found at the Real Food market is easy to find, thanks to the huge paella pans they have in display and the absolutely delicious smell of cooked rice and seafood.

If you’ve never had paella then this is the time to start. Their “paella valenciana” brings all the flavors of Spain to your plate and if you’re a seafood lover you’re going to love their seafood paella.

They even have a delicious vegetarian paella for those of you who don’t appreciate meat and seafood and, for those who don’t feel adventurous enough to try a completely new food, they also offer their “fryella”, a delicious breakfast paella made with ingredients straight out of the traditional English breakfast.

street food in london

If Japanese is famous all over the world with Sushi taste,

London is also attractive with fantastic and delicious street food. Have you tried them before?

Share with us your experience about street food in London!


12 Best Productivity Tools For Food Bloggers

Productivity Tools For Food Bloggers…

Being a Food Blogger is requires lightening fast typing, a good grasp of grammar and an ability to keep ahead of the trends.

When you’re trying to keep up with demands for content, it’s hard to keep the quality of your writing high.

Thankfully though, there are tools that can help you online.

Here’s 12 of the best tools online that will help you get the most out of your food blogging.

Productivity Tools For Food Bloggers

12 of the best tools online that will help you get the most out of your food blogging

1. Word Counter: Microsoft Word used to be the golden standard for writing, and it was easy to check your word count as you worked. Now, though, there’s all sorts of text editors available. Not all them have a word count feature. If you use one without a word count, this tool is for you. All you have to do is paste your writing into it, and it will give you an accurate word count. When you’re required to write a certain amount of words, this tool is hugely helpful.

2. Grammar Guide: Your grammar has to be perfect when you’re publishing online. Any small slip up will be instantly noticed when others read it. If you’re unlucky, it’ll get shared online and you don’t want to risk your reputation on that. If you’re worried about your grammar skills, use this easy to use Grammar Guide. It’ll help you avoid all major issues and write flawless copy every time.

food blogger

3. Buffer: Social media is essential for any blogger. It’s the place a large chunk of your readership will discover you, so you want to keep up with all the popular sites. However, updating them all individually is a drag. This tool makes the job a whole lot easier, by letting you update all your social media accounts from one dashboard. Now you won’t have to waste precious writing time on updating all your accounts.

4. Essayroo: Who has time to proofread their writing? When you’re up against your deadlines, you need to be writing, not poring over the copy you should be sending out. If you have too much work to be reading over, send it over to this writing service. They’ll proofread your writing for you, and make any edits that may be needed. Then, they’ll send it back to you ready for publication.

5. Writefull: Ever wished you could get instant feedback on your writing? This app allows you to get it, wherever you are. It can be downloaded into almost any tool you use for writing, from Microsoft Word to Gmail. As you write, you’ll be able to pull up a wealth of information at any time. You can check your grammar, or correct your spelling as you go.

productivity tools for food bloggers

6. Zen Writer: There’s so much distraction just waiting for you online as you’re trying to write. You just go to check a fact, and before you know it you’re knee deep in Wikipedia. You need something that will let you write without giving you the option to look online, but other than using a typewriter how can you do that? This tool has the answer. Download this app, and it will give you a distraction free writing screen. You can’t do anything except write, until you close the program at least.

7. Trello: If you work in a team to create a blog, it can be a nightmare keeping track of everything. In between all the emails, instant messages, and text messages you send each other, it’s incredibly easy to lose something important. Instead of struggling with all of these different methods, bring everyone together with one tool. Trello allows you all to communicate in real time, and share anything you need. Search functions allow you to find that one piece of information or link quickly, rather than scrolling through endless chat feeds. It’s just a much easier way to collaborate.

8. UK Writings: You may be great at the writing part of blogging, but not so hot at editing. You may be tempted to skip that part and publish right away, but that’s always a bad idea. Instead, rather than struggle with it send it to this writing service. They’re staffed by top writers who know what makes a great blog. They’ll make the necessary edits for you, then send it straight back.

9. Drafts: Ever been out and about when the perfect idea comes to you? This app is the best way to record that idea before it disappears into the ether. This app can be downloaded onto your phone and can even be controlled through your Apple Watch, if that’s more your style. There’s a whole range of features you can take advantage of, including Markdown editing, font and colour customisation, and tappable links for phone numbers and more. It’s one of the most comprehensive note taking apps around.

10. Blogo: This is possibly the most intuitive blogging app you’ll ever use. It makes the process of designing a blog so much easier. As you write, the blog will be formatted for you so you can just how it will look online. You can schedule and organise your posts with ease, and search through your posts to find exactly what you need. The best part is that you can download the app onto almost all of your devices. Have an idea while you’re out of the house? You’ll be able to get it down before you get it, right into your blog creator.

11. Hemingway Editor: This tool helps you proofread your writing quickly and efficiently. All you have to is paste your writing in, and it will highlight any errors you’ve made. Get them corrected and you’re ready to publish.

12. Blank Page: Looking to write more? This tool can keep you motivated. Set goals for your writing, then use their distraction free space to get typing. It looks clean and simple and will help keep you on track.

There you are…

The 12 Best Productivity Tools For Food Bloggers

If you’re struggling with your productivity, give these tools a try. You’ll see your output increase dramatically, with no reduction in quality. RECOMMENDED READING: How To Launch An Authority Blog

Writing made simple. Write when you want, wherever you are

Mary Walton is a content writer and editor living in Santa Monica. Read her latest post “Who Invented Homework” on her blog SimpleGrad. Follow Mary on Twitter and Linkedin! 

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How To Be A Better Food Blogger

Being a successful Food Blogger or Restaurant Blogger requires traffic – lots of traffic!

food blogger

In this article Food Blogger Andrei Silva discusses some of the strategies needed for success as a food blogger.

Instead of using the latest gimmicks and tricks to make money as a food blogger, there are some fundamental principles that you need to master first, in order get more readers, followers, shoppers and consumers.

Drive More Visitors To Your Website As A Food Blogger

1) Set up Google Analytics to Watch Your Stats.

To be able to monitor your stats, the first thing you need to do is set up an account with Google Analytics. Start by obtaining your tracking code, also known as your JavaScript tracking snippet or tracking code snippet. Your tracking ID give you plenty of important information, including the following data:

  • Unique visitors
  • Amount of time spent on your site, including time spent on each page;
  • Which of your internal links were clicked by the visitor to your website;
  • Geographic location of the visitor;
  • What web browser and operating system the visitor was using;
  • Traffic sources to your website, including search engine and referral sites.
  • Once you’ve installed Analytics, you will have 24 hours before you have the first bits of data to analyze.

2) Check the Traffic of Your Website Religiously.

In order to know what areas need improvement, or what things need to be removed, you need to know your starting point, or baseline. Measure your traffic often, such as on a daily basis, taking note of the variations and fluctuations of traffic occur within the span of a single day. Do you notice any patterns?
By checking the traffic to your website, you can assess the performance of your content. You’ll notice the pages that get the most attention from your visitors. Are there pages or links that your visitors don’t click on at all? Maybe it’s time to trim the fat. Or cook with it.

3) Improve Your Current Content Marketing Strategy.

After a few days’ worth of monitoring, you’ll have an idea of how well your website is performing, and how individual pages perform in comparison with the others. If you see any weak links (see what I did there?), beef up your content.

Consider the goals of your website and your content. What are the areas that need improvement? Also, think about your audience and their pain points, and think about how your content can address those issues. This will help you to monetize your website.

Also, keep in mind your competition. What are other producers in your niche doing for their customers? Think about what they’re doing right, and how you can outshine them in the areas they’re struggling with.

Your content marketing strategy should have a good mix of blogging, eBooks and tutorials, relevant infographics, and informative videos such as podcasts. The content you produce should have as much information as possible.

Strategic use of SEO such as email campaigns, guest posting, and landing pages can bring more visitors to your website. It’s important to have pages that give your readers information about your company in addition to the pages process your orders.

Let your “About” page reveal something about your personality and what you stand for.
Your website must have a blog, and its headlines should make your visitors take notice. Write content that grabs and maintains their attention, keeping them interested.

4) Don’t Underestimate the Power of Internal Linking.

Create more quality content. This follows directly from your content strategy. High quality content links well with each other, and mediocre content is a dead end.

Make sure you use anchor text correctly. Your anchor text should entice your reader to click on the links you come up with. And the links should point to content that is as meaningful and interesting as your writing may suggest. Linking to useless or spammy content can undermine your efforts.

Keep your links down to less than ten (but at least more than 5) links per 1000-word article you post.

5) Perform a Content Audit to See What Works.

A content audit allows you to see which pieces of content you’ve posted are actually getting traction. It helps to expose irrelevant, outdated and useless articles, or material that you can revise for the benefit of your website.

Use a spreadsheet to categorize your entire archive of content into meaningful groups. This allows you to rank the content according to quality. Then you know which ones to improve, consolidate, remove, or simply leave alone.

  • For the content that you feel is worth keeping, or needs slight improvement, check the writing quality, formatting, images, ease of scanning, and links.
  • Content that needs more substance, material or all-around improvement, see if there’s an opportunity for consolidation. Group the related articles, and choose the one that best represents the group. Then implement a 301 redirect so you maintain the integrity of your SEO rankings.

6) Share your online content the right way, without being spammy.

Optimize your content for each platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest. Your posts and updates on these different social media platforms should all appear different and unique. Different people use different platforms to varying degrees, and you don’t want to appear lazy by simply copy/pasting from one platform to the next.

7) Create a Sharing Schedule that is Consistent…

…And make sure you can stick to it. This schedule is meant to keep you organized and not over-sharing or under-sharing your material.

According to websitesetup.org, the following table illustrates the best times to share your content:

Create a Sharing Schedule that is Consistent

8) Add Sharing Buttons to Your Website.

It’s one thing to have good content, and another to have great content that your readers would want to share. However, not every reader will want to go through a tedious process of copying and pasting just to do it. Placing social sharing buttons on your website makes it easy for your visitors to share your content automatically with their friends and colleagues, using the social media platform of choice.

Social media share buttons are available on WordPress, and many of them are free to download and use. Be sure that the sharing buttons are placed right below your articles. Test the buttons to make sure that each of them is working correctly.

9) Use Quora to Become an Industry Authority.

Simply put, Quora is a Q&A platform, where anyone can post a question, and anyone can post an answer. Credibility is key here, and answers from people with actual professional expertise and credentials are the ones that get read and gain community support. This is a good way to interact with your readers and develop a following.

Once you’ve opened up a Quora account, create your Bio and be sure to link to your website. Choose categories that are relevant to your website and its related fields. Then search for questions that new and allow you to give very informative and helpful answers.

Of course, your answers should be very strong and well written. Anecdotes and experiences resonate well with your audience on a personal level. Be sure to add links to your website to boost traffic. That’s the whole point, right?

10) Post Your Content to Reddit.

Reddit has been around for a while, but it’s never too late to get in on the action. Your content doesn’t need to hit the Reddit front page in order to generate traffic, either.

Start by searching for subreddits that are relevant to your business. For instance, if you’re selling the latest fashions online, you’ll find a number of subreddits that will do the trick. Subscribe to the ones you like the most, go over the community guidelines, and start voting and commenting on the content that’s already there.

Before you start posting your original content, go over the rules. Your content should add value, with good, working and timely links.

11) Learn About and Respect the Power of Republishing.

This is one of the most underrated tricks to make money with your website. Once you’ve optimized your web content and shared it on social media for promotion, you’ll want to get your content in front of a larger audience.

To do this, you want to start by getting your content republished on large. It’s similar to guest blogging, but on a larger scale and with a far broader outreach. Some publications include Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and Lifehacker.

12) Find Publications in Your Industry or Niche that Allow Republishing.

The thing about large publications is that they need content, and they might not always have someone to provide it all the time. This is where you come in.

Search the various large-scale publications within your industry for words such as “guest post,” “writers wanted,” and “contribute” on their various pages. This will give you clues as to whether they’ll accept your work to begin with.

13) Review Your Existing Content for Publication.

Once you’ve found the right publication, analyze the style the publication uses. Do your content pieces sound like theirs? If not, edit your content accordingly to match their style. If you don’t have a copy of their publishing guidelines just yet, you may still be able to assimilate your content for their site, earning you plus points.

14) Pitch Your Content to the Publication.

Use a strong subject line, and drop the names of your strongest references. Explain to the publisher how your content will add value to their publication and how it will benefit their readers. You will also need to add a link to the actual content.
Once you’re approved, prepare your content by matching it with the style of the publisher. Make sure that you go over their guidelines for writing style and linking. Change the title of your article as well, so as not to confuse search engines.

15) Write Guest Posts and Engage in Outreach.

Once you’ve gotten your foot in the door with republishing, continue to write two or three guest posts every month. This helps your SEO rank to improve, bringing new content to your audiences, and driving traffic to your site.
Seek out more posts from other websites and reach out to them, detailing specific content that they have published that you find helpful. Let them know what you can do for them, and send them some of your ideas.

Some of these tips can be done independently, but your best bet is to follow them in sequence.

Recommended Reading: Turn your humble foodie blog into a Foodie Authority Website.


Christmas Tea – a special festive Tea for the season

festive, christmas tea

Oh Christmas Tea, Oh Christmas Tea – The Best Bits of this Festive Season

What does Christmas and herbal tea have in common?

They both represent a time when you’re supposed to sit down, pause, relax, and forget about all problems and worries.

A cup of this seasonal blend Christmas Tea from Tea Cleanse not only complements the green branches of your Christmas tree but goes perfectly well with a mince pie or two!

Christmas Tea – a special blend created by Tea Cleanse for the festive season.

This herbal blend is infused with warming, Christmas spices.

Rooibos leaves infused with sweet cinnamon, pungent cloves, cardamom, and tangy orange peels is a real Christmas delight.
There is always a good time for this delicious and fragrant tea – warming you on a chilly day or when relaxing by the fire.

5 good reasons to drink Christmas Tea

=> Rooibos (Redbush) leaves are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that help you maintain clear and healthy skin
=> Cranberries are loaded with fibre, Vitamin C, D and are a great antioxidant
=> It is said that star anise had anti-fungal properties, is good for coughs or an upset stomach
=> Rooibos (Redbush) is caffeine free and suitable for pregnant women and children
=> Orange has Vitamins C and P to clear the blood vessels for glowing skin

Christmas tea is:

  • Free of artificial colourings, flavourings, and preservatives
  • Caffeine Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians
  • Can be drank with milk or add a bit of brandy for a real festive treat – delicious.
  • Will get you into the holiday spirit in no time and offers the best bits of Christmas.

5 good reasons to drink Christmas Tea

For your tea-loving friend, skip the tea towel and give them what they really want – the best bits of Christmas in a cup!

To shop for their loose leaf in pouches, tins, gift boxes, and other fabulous Christmas blends, visit their website – www.teacleanse.co.uk – or check out the following sites for special offers
Amazon – http://amzn.to/2el5RLv
Etsy – https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TeaCleanse?ref=hdr_shop_menu
Ebay – http://www.ebay.co.uk/sme/teacleanse/offers.html

Add a little (healthy) sparkle in your Christmas with Tea Cleanse!

the best bits of Christmas in a cup


Christmas Afternoon Tea and Festive Feasts For Christmas

Enjoy a festive feast with a difference at Muriel’s Kitchen

Get into the festive spirit at Muriel’s Kitchen with decadently stacked Christmas burgers, seasonal menus and a fabulously festive twist on afternoon tea. Available from 14 November, Muriel’s Kitchen makes Christmas casually cool and comforting with home-cooked fresh dishes that will ring your bells.

Co-founder and owner Charlotte has taken inspiration from her beloved grandmother’s festive tables, then thrown in a few modern twists, to create a Christmas menu packed full of comforting crowd pleasers. Starters include winter pork and game Scotch egg with Christmas chutney, gooey baked camembert and creamy parsnip soup.

A must-try main is Muriel’s Ultimate Christmas Burger with everything you want in a finger-friendly compact format; a succulent British beef patty is layered with sticky cranberry jelly, gooey Brie and topped with crispy fried onions.  Christmas dinner gets a modern makeover with Muriel’s replacing the often dry turkey breast with succulent pork and turkey meatballs served with all the trimmings including roasted crispy hasselback potatoes, maple glazed Brussel sprouts, honey roasted carrots and parsnips. Desserts feature home-made chocolate and orange lava cake and panettone bread and butter pudding.

These signature plates can be ordered from the a la carte menu or enjoy two courses for £19.95 and three for £24.95.

Christmas Afternoon Tea

Christmas Afternoon Tea

Struggling with the shopping?

Escape the crowds and take a much needed break with Muriel’s delicious Christmas Afternoon Tea.

Indulge in luxurious finger sandwiches of smoked salmon and cream cheese or refreshing cucumber with cracked black pepper. Swap classic cakes for festive treats including delicately spiced mince pies and a mini Christmas Pudding. Make it a real celebration with a glass of Prosecco or a clever tea-laced cocktail, new for this season.

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year at Muriel’s Kitchen.

· The Muriel’s Kitchen Christmas menu is available at the Soho, Richmond and South Kensington sites from the 14th November. Diners can choose two courses for £19.95 or three courses for £24.95.

· The Muriel’s Kitchen Christmas Afternoon Tea is available at Soho, Richmond and South Kensington sites from the 14th November between the hours of 3pm – 6pm. Minimum 2 people and costs £19.95 per person. The Christmas afternoon tea includes sandwiches, cakes, a smoothie, pot of tea and glass of Prosecco. Tea cocktails to share can be added to the package at the cost of £12.95.

Muriel’s Kitchen Soho, 36 – 38 Old Compton Street, London W1D 4TT, T: 020 7434 0111
Muriel’s Kitchen South Kensington, 1-3 Pelham Street, London SW7 2ND, T: 020 7589 3511
Muriel’s Kitchen Richmond, 30 Hill Street, Richmond TW9 1TW, T: 020 8948 7011


Afternoon Tea – The Drawing Room at Flemings Mayfair

afternoon tea at luxury boutique hotel Flemings Mayfair

Michelin-starred chef Shaun Rankin has come to afternoon tea at Flemings Mayfair

Beautiful to behold and something special to savour – celebrated chef Shaun Rankin has been sprinkling some Michelin-starred magic onto a new afternoon tea offering at luxury boutique hotel Flemings Mayfair.

Served daily in the stunningly refurbished Drawing Room, the delectable new treats have been perfectly paired with either the finest tea leaves from specialists The East India Company or, for added luxury,  a glass of NV ‘Cuvee D’, Devaux, Aube champagne especially selected by Flemings’ award-winning sommelier Andreas Rosendal.

Embracing the same understated luxury of the hotel’s new restaurant, Ormer Mayfair, Shaun’s afternoon tea imbues classic sophistication with simple flavours from his impeccably-sourced produce that speaks for itself.

Savour delicate finger sandwiches of classic coronation chicken on wholemeal; luxurious smoked salmon on black rye and egg mayonnaise in a fluffy brioche bun.  Next, homemade raisin and plain scones are served simply with Jersey Chantilly cream and plenty of preserves.

The all-important top layer of prepossessing petit fours includes a dark, rich, layered opera cake finished with a mini coffee macaron; a soft, light pavlova with exotic cream and fresh fruit and moreish Paris-Brest with smooth hazelnut crèmeux.

Fine teas to choose from include Jasmine Pearls, Lis-Han Oolong, spiced Bombay Chai and Flemings’ Signature Breakfast Blend, all served in beautiful Bernardaud crockery against the refined backdrop of The Drawing Room.  The buidling’s Georgian history is reflected in the room’s harmonious proportions with reinstated period detail including 3m ceiling height and sash windows as well as an original marble fireplace of 1851 providing the focal point of the room. The lavish theme continues with hand-painted De Gournay wall panels depicting evocative scenes of India, a library filled with cultural tomes by Assouline and beautiful artistry from Eileen Schaer.

Afternoon tea is served daily from 12:30pm – 5pm in three tempting packages:

Treat Me (where you and a friend can buy one tea and get one half price), available Monday – Friday for £34.50 per person;

Drawing Room Tea, available Saturday and Sunday £34.50 per person


Drawing Room Tea with Champagne, available Monday – Sunday for £48.00 per person.

Afternoon Tea In The Drawing Room at Flemings Mayfair

7 -12 Half Moon Street
London W1J 7BH
T: 020 7499 0000 | www.flemings-mayfair.co.uk
@flemingsmayfair | facebook.com/flemingshotelmayfair


Busaba comes to Eastcastle Street, in the heart of London

Bangkok Now! Busaba comes to Eastcastle Street

Busaba comes to Eastcastle Street

All the buzz of Modern Bangkok is in evidence at the latest opening of Busaba on Eastcastle Street, Oxford Circus. Experience the tastes, flavours and aromas of Asia’s coolest city whilst indulging in fresh, vibrant and zingy Thai dishes and contemporary cocktails.

Bangkok Now!

Busaba speaks the language of modern Bangkok eating, inspired by the traditions of Thai cookery, with the fragrant flavours and vibrant colours of every plate transporting you across the Indian Ocean, with a menu created by Executive Chef Jude Sangsida. Start with small plates of Busaba’s signature Thai calamari with zingy ginger and green peppercorn, or som tam – a fragrant green papaya salad with dried shrimp, peanut, cherry tomato and fresh lime. Noodles are served up in classic soups, such as coconut-rich Northern Thai laksa and tom yam soup, or fried in the sizzling wok and served in a variety of ways including the Sen Chan Pad Thai. Those with a craving for curry can take pleasure in freshly made fiery pastes including jungle chicken with Thai aubergine; mussaman duck with star anise; and songkhla beef with tangy banana pepper best enjoyed with jasmine rice to balance the heat.

New to the Eastcastle Street restaurant is the Bangkok Char-Grill category with dishes featuring a distinct seared barbecue aroma and taste, from Issan-style chicken with spicy cucumber salad, to tamarind-grilled duck with Chinese broccoli, to green curry with grilled chicken. Also available is the new ‘Best of Busaba’ set menu that heroes some of the restaurant’s most popular and iconic dishes, meanwhile the Bangkok Express Lunch menu – priced – at £8.95 offers a selection of speedy, single-pot meals which diners can choose to customise with spices, pastes and meats to their desired tastes.

Let’s Drink

Complementing the menu’s Thai ingredients and flavours, a vast selection of Asian beers and Thai spirits are available from the bar alongside other traditional refreshments and cocktails made using fresh, exotic fruits. Highlights include the refreshing Guava Bellini created with guava purèe; Asian Mojito with kaffir lime leaves; and ginger spiced Red Mule featuring a dash of hibiscus syrup. For those after a pre-weekend treat can take advantage of the bar’s 2-for-1 cocktail offer available all day every Thursday. Beer lovers will be sure to opt for a chilled bottle of Busaba Saison – exclusively brewed for the restaurant by Hop Kettle Brewery – or Chang, Thailand’s most famous beer.

A wide selection of soft drinks are also available, including loose leaf teas, chilled sips including Aloe Vera Juice and Ecos Thai Coconut Water, and Busaba’s famed fresh juice blends, such as Koh Samui (orange, carrot, lime and coconut) and Guava Collins (guava, kaffir lime leaves, lime and coconut).

A Temple

The interior reflects present day urban Bangkok with all its diversity and creativity, welcoming guests with a unique sensory experience of tastes, sights, aromas and energy. Described as Asia’s new metropolis of cool, Busaba has brought this to life via an exclusive collaboration with two of Bangkok’s most recognisable street artists, Alex Face and Rukkit. Their graphic street art is displayed within the restaurant and on the menus alongside images of Bangkok and art from throughout the city. Additional features include the temple wall with gold, brass, timber and Thai brickwork, alongside a new kitchen pantry and feature bar. As well as the classic Busaba square communal tables, guests can choose to dine in spaces created for singles and couples at the concertina windows or on high tables near the bar.

All Things Techy

Thai foodie fans can take advantage of Busaba’s free loyalty app and ‘Path to Enlightenment’ programme, with every visit being a step closer towards exclusive treats, VIP experiences and complimentary dishes. The app also allows and rewards guests for paying the bill automatically at the table, splitting the cost between friends where needed, so there’s no more waiting around after a meal. A ‘click and collect’ service is also now available via the Busaba website, offering flexible dining for those on the go.

52-53 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8ED


Squid Kitchen Now Open | Hackney Kitchen + Bar Residency


Squid Kitchen -Street Food Sensation

Come and get your squid on with streetfood sensation Squid Kitchen’s new kitchen residency at café 119 Lower Clapton in Hackney, where they are firing up some Spanish sizzle this autumn. Expect tapas and tipples aplenty in East London, throughout October and November 2016 where treats are inspired by the vibrant food markets of Madrid.

 Squid Kitchen is excited to announce its first full venue kitchen and bar takeover since launching in 2014. Growing from a food market stall trading at Partridges in Chelsea, and followed quickly by a series of successful residencies including The King & Co. in Clapham which was listed in the Evening Standard’s ‘Top 5 Kitchen Takeovers’, September 2015.


The casual dining environment offers a relaxed, authentic experience, perfect for delving into a range of flavoursome small plates, or for enjoying a bar snack accompanied by a glass of Rioja.

 Guests are invited to feast on a selection of traditional small plates with a contemporary twist showcasing a fresh perspective on London’s tapas offerings. Enjoy rustic Spanish grub including ‘Slow Cooked Chorizo with paprika, piquillo peppers and sherry vinegar chickpeas’ (£6.50), ‘Beetroot, Morcilla & Manchego with walnuts, apple compote and sordough (£8), or a signature ‘Baby Squid Stew with piquillo peppers and pinto beans’ accompanied by garlic toast perfect for mopping up (£7.50).

Highlights from the bar snacks include ‘Spinach & Chickpea Fritters with Aioli’ (£4) and ‘Chorizo, Apple & Thyme Sausage Roll’ (£3), while treats feature a ‘Tarte de Santiago’ an almond tart with vanilla cream, and weekly changing ‘Spanish Cheese’ paired with fig jam and walnuts, both at £5.50.

A red and white house Rioja from the Sonsierra and Valle de Jubera regions (glass £5.50, bottle £22), features on the drinks list alongside locally-brewed craft cerveza from Beavertown Brewery (£4.50) and Umbrella Brewery (£4), as well as Square Root Soda (£2.50) handmade in Hackney. A choice of 2 refreshing gin-based cocktails include White Sangria (£7) or a Spanish G&T made with orange bitters and orange zest (£7) to give guests a taste of Madrid’s mercado.

 Squid Kitchen is open 7 to 11pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, until 26 November.

Walk-ins are welcome or purchase a £30 ticket which includes a welcome cocktail, bar snacks, 3 small plates and pudding, per person and ensures guaranteed seating. For reservations please email sarah@squidkitchen.com.

Squid Kitchen | 119 Lower Clapton Road, E5 0NP

www.squidkitchen.com | @squidkitchen| #SquidKitchen


5 Must Visit Bars in Soho, London

Basement Sate

5 Bars in Soho You Must See!

Soho is without a doubt one of London’s key areas for discovering things new and unseen. With its quirky cafes and unique stores, there’s no shortage of things to do or places to stumble upon. And that eccentricity and variety might apply even more so to its nightlife. Soho is a land full of surprises, unique twists and unusual delights. Though its bars may not look as flamboyant from the outside, they bring just as much style, sass and sophistication as any City bar you’re used to. Here are five of the best Soho Bars in London

Bar Termini

With a five star rating on TimeOut, Bar Termini’s customers shout its praises for it, and rightfully so. The bar is famed for its exquisite coffee and cocktails, book-ending your day the only way you need.

The bar’s coffee is overseen by none other than Marco Arrigo himself, Head of Quality for Illy and the trainer of more barristas than anybody in the UK. Termini’s cocktail menu, meanwhile, is created and curated by alco-alchemist Tony Conigliaro, and together they make quite the team.

Booking ahead at Bar Termini is essential after 5pm – there’s only room for 25 people and its seated only, ensuring you get the full tipple-and-talk experience. Prices of cocktails are slightly higher than the norm, but include triple measures. Overall, you’d be hard-pushed to find better value cocktails in this location.

Soho Zebrano

A restaurant and party bar, Soho Zebrano is perhaps best known for its free-flowing Prosecco and astounding Happy Hour deals on cocktails, beers and wines.

The venue was once home to some of London’s best comedy and music of the mid-sixties, giving it an already-esteemed appeal. Nowadays it runs a weekly programme of entertainment including live music, DJs and networking events, offering VIP table areas on weekends with real ‘members-only’ style service.

Thanks to its convenient placement close to the West End’s centre, Zebrano is a great place to enjoy a pre- or post-theatre dinner – particularly if American-diner-style food is just your thing.

Milk & Honey

A tiny, discreet bar nook ensconced away on Poland St, Milk & Honey is one of Soho’s worst kept secrets. Find it via the nonchalant sign next to a buzzer on Poland St, and take a step straight into Manhattan with M&H’s classy, serene and uninterrupted space.

Known for the best Manhattan-style cocktails, M&H is relied on for its non-stuffy atmosphere and a calm, laid-back yet civilised night out. Though it’s members-only, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Non-members can also stop by if they book before 11pm on (ground floor or basement bar).

Bar Soho

Bar Soho is London’s favourite 19th Century-styled haven; a cocktail bar and club boasting times of time gone by on Old Compton St. Filled with fun interiors and wonderfully themed decor, it’s a sultry array of visual delights combining svelte textures with sumptuous surprises.

Throughout its rooms are sofas hollowed out of Victorian bathtubs; fairground ride loungers in the middle of the dance-floor and a suitable does of red hues to complement the ‘dive bar’ feel. Favourite areas among guests tend to be the Bathroom and the Boudoir, both of which are available to reserve privately and enjoy your own VIP table service.

Within the Bar Soho lair, one can also indulge in various drinks packages, Happy Hour deals and even cocktail masterclasses – a brilliant party activity for groups of 8 or more brought to you via Late Night London.

Basement Sate

Who loves cocktails? Who loves dessert? If you love both those things together, then Basement Sate may just be your new favourite place. Delivering a hearty dose of ‘Parisian chic’ to Soho, Basement Sate embodies a bit of everything – drinks, nibbles, cocktails, dancing, and yes, dessert – all under one convenient roof.

Expect exquisite dessert plates that will excite your taste-buds and beg to be shared, each one artfully designed to accompany the cocktails. There are also cocktail and pastry classes and a rota of DJs throughout the week.

Like many of the other bars on this list. Basement Sate makes itself deliberately obscure. You can find it past an unmarked doorway on Broadwick St, down some rather unassuming stairs. But don’t let its nonchalance put you off – many say it’s just like “relaxing in a friend’s living room”, meaning you can be yourself just as you would anywhere else.

Basement Sate – ‘Parisian chic’ in Soho, London


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