Can a wine bottle help you break free financially?

Are you considering investing in wine?

wine investment

Do you feel that your $40 bottle of wine might soon be worth $400, and would like to invest? How do you know that your product has potential to grow? A single bottle of wine may not be worth the expense; however a case bought from a trusted merchant has better chances to increase in value.

Apart from an investment per se, you have to know more about wine storage. Before spending any money, answer yourself the following question: would you like to invest because you’re a wine lover, or do you want to do it because there are increased changes of a substantial return on investment?

Some people do it for both reasons. But there are high-end investors who are not drinkers. They just want to invest because they have the funds to do it. In the beginning, if your goal is to invest because you know the market and you’re an avid connoisseur, it might be a good idea to pick wines you’re greatly fond of. This way, if your investment doesn’t pay off, at least you have the product and you can drink it if you want.

Proper wine storage is fundamental

Buying wine to drink can easily be stored on a wine rack at home. But if the goal is to buy and sell, you have to store the wine carefully. Otherwise it will spoil and the quality will decrease. The specialists at the Wine Spectator argue that wine bottles stored in inappropriate conditions produces flaky crystals; this happens when the product is exposed to temperatures that are excessively low. In temperature-controlled conditions, this won’t happen.

If the temperature in a room is too hot, then there are chances for the wine to mature faster; it will reach optimum stability and flavor much sooner than anticipated, thus compelling you to sell faster. Buying good wine and selling it too soon decreases your chances to make a sensible profit.

To make sure your wine is stored properly, it might be a good idea to invest in a cellar. A dark area with adequate humidity and temperature levels is the best. If you’re unsure that the area you have available is suitable for storing your wine cases, ask for advice from a wine cellar manager. If you can’t afford to transform a basement into a wine cellar, contact a local wine storage facility. Ask for information on storage price and facility capacity, as well as insurance amount offered in case things go south.

good wine investment

Is it worth ensuring your wine?

It depends. In some circumstances, it might be a good idea to ensure your cases. But if you choose to store your wine in a personal wine cellar, there’s really no way to know your product is safe. Expensive wines are just like high-end jewelry: they’re precious. It’s definitely a good idea to talk to a home insurance company and learn more about how ensure your entire collection.

Wine investors should know that they will have to compare prices, and not decide on the first insurance coverage plan that looks goods. Keep in mind it’s best to consider a deductible amount; basically, the coverage amount has to be linked to the overall value of your wine collection. If your hometown is in an area prone to phenomena such as floods, bad weather, tornadoes or earthquakes, then it’s best to go with an insurance policy that covers both contamination and breakage.

Wine Budget

As soon as insurance and storage costs are in place, you have to settle on a budget and decide on an amount you can spend on investing in the actual product. To calculate the budget, the following rules apply:

=> Storage facility upkeep and maintenance

=>Insurance costs

=> Amount of cash you want to spend on wine bottles following deductions for storage and wine insurance costs

wine as an investment

Bottom line is, you can’t gain financial freedom with a single bottle of wine. Don’t expect to buy a nice Bordeaux for $100 and sell it for $1,000. If you want your investment to pay off, you have to invest in a case (which can have up to 8 bottles). It doesn’t have to be a really rare and expensive type of wine, but quality must prevail either way.

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7 Amazing Tips to Help You Lose Weight TODAY!

Want to lose weight?

lose weight

Trying to lose weight? There are so many fad diets out there that it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for you. Instead, you should consider these following tips that are designed to make your weight loss journey easier.

Based on the fundamental principles of losing weight, these seven tips will make your journey simpler, and more effective.

1. Limit Your Soda Intake

It’s easy to grab a soda on your lunch break, but drinking multiple sodas every day can significantly increase your calorie intake. As it’s important to limit your calorie intake, and burn as many calories as possible, limiting your soda intake can really help.??Sophie Williams, a bank manager in downtown Chicago, says:??“I’m on the go all day, and it’s so easy to just grab a soda as I’m working. What I’ve found is that the calories and sugar content of every soda really does add up. Since I decided to cut back to one diet soda per day at a maximum, I have been able to keep my weight under control more easily.”

2. Be Careful with Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals can definitely provide you with a low-fat form of nutrition, but it’s important to avoid any that have fewer than three grams of fiber. By ensuring that your cereal has plenty of fiber, you’ll be giving your digestive system the resources it needs to properly digest the food you have already eaten.??High-fiber cereals also tend to be lower in sugar – so you’ll be helping yourself lose weight.

3. Keep Score of Vegetables and Fruit

Help You Lose Weight

Housewife Margaret Spooner of Poughkeepsie, New York, says that she keeps count of the fruit and vegetables that she and her family eat during the day. If she and her family haven’t eaten enough fruits and vegetables during the day, then she incorporates them into their dinner instead. ??Try and include fruits and vegetables in every meal. They are a great source of vitamins, antioxidants, and other great nutrients, and exceptionally low in fat. The more fruit and vegetables you eat, the easier you’ll find losing weight.

4. Drink Less Beer and Wine

If you’re a fan of a drink during the weekends, then the alcoholic beverages you choose can play a huge part in your ability to lose weight. Beer and wine contain lots of calories – and even if they might include some antioxidants and other goodness, they don’t help you lose weight.

If you’d like to carry on enjoying a drink at the weekends, try drinking spirits and soda water. Gin and diet tonic is a great drink for dieters, as well as vodka and soda.

5. Increase Your Protein Intake

Janice Sephton, a writer for UK Top Writers, believes her increased intake of protein helped her lose weight. ??“I increased the amount of protein I consumed in my meals, whether from lean meat, soy, egg or nuts, and I found I started losing weight quicker than ever before. The best part about it was that I didn’t go hungry, and the high-protein foods were full of other amazing nutrients.”??Using whey, soy and egg in meal replacement smoothies can also seriously improve your weight loss experience.

6. Change Your Pre-Dinner Snacks

It’s easy to snack on chips and chocolate before your meal is ready, but changing the foods you snack on will seriously aid your weight loss.

If you are cooking with vegetables, why not chop up some fresh vegetables and service them with hummus, as an ideal pre-meal snack? It’s healthy, fresh, and ideal for weight loss.


Why you should be Organising your Wine

Organising your Wine made easy…

Organising your Wine

Enjoying a good quality bottle of wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures. From selecting the perfect bottle right through to taking that lingering first sip, wine has the ability to instantly improve your mood and brighten an otherwise dull day.

Of course, the perfect wine is largely dependent upon your preferred choice of meal. As is the very nature of wine, certain varieties just go better with one type of dish than others do. The task of creating the perfect pairing between food and wine is a real art, but when it is done right, it can make for a memorable flavour explosion that really brings the meal to life.

Choosing the Right Restaurant

If you are heading out to dine at a restaurant, the staff will be able to assist you with your choice, suggesting a variety of wines that will complement your chosen dish the best. There are some more general rules that you can follow when it comes to the best pairings of food and wine, but primarily, it comes down to personal taste and good old-fashioned trial and error.

For the wine connoisseur, deciding where to eat out can be a difficult decision. Picking a restaurant that suits the individual tastes of each member of your party can be tricky, which is why it is so important to make sure that you book in at the right restaurant to ensure your evening is a resounding success.

If you are in search of the perfect venue within which to celebrate a special occasion with a delicious meal out, it is especially important that you do plenty of thorough research into the available restaurants in your chosen area. This will help to ensure that your evening goes smoothly and everything goes according to plan – after all, you will be able to enjoy your food and drink much more if you aren’t already stressed out.

The Perfect Accompaniment to a Home Cooked Meal

When you are eating out, choosing the right wine to accompany your meal is made a lot easier by other people’s recommendations and suggestions from the restaurant staff. However, when you are at home, it is a different kettle of fish entirely. In your own home, you have complete freedom over the choice of wine. How do you know which wine is best? How can you be sure to pick a bottle that you know your guests will enjoy? These are all questions that we have asked ourselves at one point or another when in this situation.

Choosing the ideal bottle of wine for the occasion is one thing, but this task becomes a lot more difficult if you have a large wine collection. When you do have a large collection, picking the perfect wine for the specific meal or event becomes a much more selective process.

No longer do you just pick out the first bottle that comes to hand – for the true wine connoisseur, the selection of the wine is a key part of the process. You have to take into consideration factors such as the specific occasion, whether it is needed to accompany a meal or to be drunk on its own, and then if it is to accompany a meal, what type of food will it be accompanying? With all of these factors weighing in on things, it is understandable that for some people, picking the perfect wine can become quite a nerve-wracking task.

The solution to this problem is simple – organisation.

How to Organise your Wine Collection

When you have a large assortment of wine, it can become very easy to lose track of your collection and end up with a jumbled mess, meaning you can never find that one specific bottle that you are looking for! Therefore, it is essential to combat the chaos by introducing an element of organisation.

There are many ways in which you can organise your wine collection, but the benefits of good organisation are clear to see. A well-organised wine storage system allows you to quickly and easily browse your collection and select bottles perfect for the occasion, eliminating any confusion about the whereabouts of specific bottles!

The simplest way to organise your wine is to decide on a method of grouping the different bottles then stick to it throughout your collection. The most obvious choice is to group the wines according to their type, so red, white, rosé and sparkling, but within those subsections, you can then further classify your collection according to factors such as grape or age.

Wine Cellar or Wine Rack?

If you are lucky enough to have your own wine cellar then it is just a simple matter of assigning the content of your newly organised collection their own location on the shelves. A quick spot of labelling and you should be all set and good to go – say goodbye to a disorganised wine collection for good!

However, if you don’t have a storage facility as luxurious as a personal wine cellar, that doesn’t mean that you are left with no other options. Bring the restaurant feel into your home and store your wine in style with wall mounted wine racks, perfect for saving space and freeing up cupboards and counter top areas. Even if you don’t have a particularly large wine collection, keeping your assortment organised is still essential. The beauty of wine racks is that they come in all shapes, sizes and designs, meaning that you can easily pick a wine rack that works for you, your collection, and the available space.

Organising your Wine rack

Where should you be Placing your Wine Rack?

Wine storage racks should be put in a place that will ensure your wine is stored correctly while avoiding any issues that could arise from using the wrong storage methods. Keep your wine rack away from strong sunlight, areas that are particularly hot or cold, and always be sure to keep your bottles stored on their sides to avoid any issues with the corks drying out.
Keeping your wine organised will automatically make the process of selecting the right wine for the occasion become much easier, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy a well-earned glass of wine!


Top All-Time Favourite Takeaway Dishes Of Brits

?Brits are food lovers who love to savour on different dishes. So whether it is pizza or curry, sushi or pasta, they love everything. In the recent years, there has been an increasing trend of food takeaways from almost all the famous and well-known food joints of Britain. People have been finding the process very comfortable too. Some of the reasons for it can be the ease of getting the food delivered or the budget-friendly menus – all thanks to the food vouchers!

Top All-Time Favourite Takeaway Dishes Of Brits

So whatever the reasons are, a good number of food items have managed to get on the top of the takeaway list. They are:

1) Pizza

Favourite Takeaway Dishes Of Brits

This Italian food has always impressed people and is almost the easy option to order on the lazy weekends. You can find a wide range of options ranging from Hawaiian style, Chicago style, margaritas, cheesy ones, topping combos and what not! And yeah, make sure you don’t forget the dips while ordering.

2) Prawn toast

The crunchy and crispy taste of prawn toast is like offering satiety to your taste buds. So whether you are planning to have it as a starter or as a small munch in between the meals, they are just perfect.

3) Butter chicken

Brits love a number of Indian dishes and Butter Chicken is on the top of the list. Here the chicken is cooked in tandoor after marinating with spices and yoghurt. Then it is prepared in the gravy bundled with spices, tomatoes and yeah butter too!

If you are planning to have something to savour on the Friday nights while watching the TV why not go for it? Yeah, it is amazing for Saturday and Sunday too. Okay.. go for the entire week!

4) Kebab

The kebab is another interesting dish that is seriously loved by Brits. This Turkish dish has kebab – shish, doner and kofta all placed on the pitta bread and then garnished with garlic and chilli sauce, pickled chilli and salad. Nothing can be as satisfying as this one!

5) The burger

Top All-Time Favourite Takeaway Dishes Of Brits

There is nothing satisfying like a juicy burger.

Get you hamburger layered with tomatoes, onion and lettuce. Don’t forget to go for your favourite sauces – mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.

6) Sushi

Whether you are planning to taste temaki, nigiri, uramaki, sashimi or maki or even the California roll, wait no more. A number of restaurants in the UK have these dishes which you can take directly to your door.

7) Pasta

When we hear the word pasta, a number of dishes like lasagna, carbonara, Fettuccine Alfredo, Bolognese, Spaghetti and others hit our mind. The popularity of these dishes has led them becoming the most ordered takeaway among the people.

So how about holding a bowl of steaming spaghetti? Oh WOW…

8) Chicken tikka masala

Just like the butter chicken, the chicken for chicken tikka masala is first marinated in spices and yoghurt and then cooked in tandoor. After that, it is cooked in the gravy of cream and tomato.

When ordering it, don’t forget to try the garlic naan or pilau rice, which makes the combination work! Oh yeah, don’t forget to try paneer chilli as the starter.

So if you are new to Britain or have any plans to move there, just make sure to try out these favourite dishes of the Brits out there.

For sure, you will love them all.


10 Best Foods For Exercise And An Energetic Lifestyle

What are the Best Foods For Exercise? 

Whether you’re an enthusiastic athlete or a busy business person craving for some more energy, it’s really important to eat right in order to have an active lifestyle. Start eating healthier and recharge your batteries! Check out some of the best food options for increased energy levels and getting your body in top shape.

Healthy Eating, best food for exercise

Best Foods For Exercise

Brown rice

Unlike white rice, which only packs bad carbs, brown rice is high in manganese. Manganese is a mineral that helps with the production of energy from carbs and protein. This way, your body will have enough energy for a whole day. Brown rice is also an extremely versatile ingredient. It can be served with both meat and veggies, thus power housing your early lunch or dinner. 

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin C, vitamin A (beta-carotene), and carbohydrates that help fight off fatigue. There are lots of cooking techniques you can try. Cut them into strips or mash them – they’re a much healthier alternative to the conventional French fries. Also, sweet potatoes have tremendous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power. Since they’re sweeter in taste, they can be mixed with bananas, maple syrup, and cinnamon for a delicious evening dessert.


People who work out often experience post-workout fatigue and muscle soreness. To avoid that from happening to you and preserve your energy levels, you can start consuming more ginger. If you don’t like the taste of ground or raw ginger, you can make yourself a delicious ginger tea. Add some honey to give it a more pleasant aroma, and your whole body will feel a lot more relaxed.

best food for exercise


Studies have shown that bananas can give you the amount of energy you need to work out, and can easily compete with the most famous sports drinks on the market. They’re healthier because they don’t contain that much sugar, not to mention that they’re packed with loads of vitamin B6. Also, bananas convert carbohydrates into energy, and the potassium contained help increase energy levels to a staggering degree. To maintain your endurance when exercising, it is recommended to eat half a banana every 10-15 minutes.


Beets are believed to be among the finest high energy foods on the market. Researchers argue that the beetroot juice contained in beets help increase stamina by compelling the body to turn nitrate into nitric oxide; thus reducing the level of oxygen burned by the human body when exercising. Beets have loads of benefits and they’re low in calories. They packs insane amounts of vitamin B, and have iron, potassium, manganese and magnesium in their composition. Due to the increased carb intake found in beets, consuming them before a workout routine fuels the body with energy.

Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is a type of food that packs loads of proteins. It is an excellent evening and post-workout snack because it repairs tired muscles and prepares your body for the next day. Spice it up with some honey and blueberries, and you’ll have a perfect breakfast to kick start your day. Greek yoghurt has twice the amount of protein found in other yoghurts. It is thicker and creamier, and can easily be added to your daily salads and morning fruit mixes. High in probiotics, Greek yoghurt is fundamental. It helps balance your digestive system, thus alleviating irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, ulcers, and constipation.


Leaving aside the old saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, the fruit actually has lots of health benefits. It is high in fibre, thus keeping you full for hours following your morning run. Also, apples excellent at balancing your digestive system. They have powerful antioxidants into their composition that fight off disease and prevent all types of illnesses. There’s a very important type of fibre contained in apples, called pectin. Pectin is a fermentable, soluble and viscous fibre that might protect your system from a wealth of health concerns, including cancers, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.


Citrus fruit such as oranges and grapefruits are highly recommended when working out. Oranges are high in potassium, folate and vitamin C that give you a much needed sugar rush when you jog or lift weights at the gym.  Thanks to the high contents of vitamin C, your immune system will be safe and sound, as well. What’s great about vitamin C is that is keeps damaging free radicals at bay. An adequate daily dose of the vitamin might even reduce the risk of colon cancer. Start your day with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and you will feel a lot more energized; whether you choose to head to the gym or at the office.

best foods for exercise


Nuts are packed with a tremendous amount of nutrients when consumed unsalted and raw. To activate the enzymes contained in nuts, soak them in water overnight. Consume them at breakfast or lunch, and your body will have enough energy to go through the day without craving bad foods. By activating your nuts, you help increase the nutrient value thanks to the sprouting and germination process. It will be easier for your body to digest them after being consumed.


Salmon is a type of fish that contains insane amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. These acid help boost energy levels, as well as lower bad cholesterol and potentially reduce the risk of heart disease. Salmon is high in niacin, protein, vitamin B6 and riboflavin. Basically, the compounds contained in salmon help convert food into pure energy. This means your body will feel full throughout the day, and you will no longer crave sweets and carbs following a workout routine.

Believe it or not, heating healthy is less challenging than you think. As long as you give your body what it needs to feel energized, you’re safe. But it’s important to stick to healthy food sources and all natural supplementation such as pumpkin seed capsules. Last but not least, make sure you hydrate. The body needs water to function properly and maintain a healthy digestive system throughout the day.

10 Best Foods For Exercise

All material on this website is provided for your information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


VALENTINE’S TEA – The perfect gift for all tea lovers!

VALENTINE’S TEA – The perfect gift for all tea lovers!

Valentines Tea – A Special Tea For Valentines

This Valentines Day, discover two delicious tasting teas, handmade by Tea Cleanse, the perfect cuppa to celebrate the most romantic day of the year.

Created specially for Valentine’s Day – 2 fragrant and soothing romantic brews.

Valentine’s Tea – a black tea infused with cocoa nibs, rose petals and vanilla.

Lovers Tea – a herbal infusion of hibiscus and rooibos and is naturally caffeine free.

Every February 14, cards and gifts are exchanged between loved ones worldwide, all in the name of St. Valentine.

But where did these traditions come from?

Valentine’s Day in the UK began around the 17th century.

By the middle of the 18th, it was common for friends and lovers to exchange small tokens of handwritten notes.
A century later ready-made cards began to replace handwritten notes due to improvements in the printing technology.

Eventually this lead to exchanging chocolates, flowers and a selection of small gifts – such as food and drink.

Not only do these teas taste great and smell divine – did you know black tea offers many health benefits?

Not only is tea is high in antioxidants, tea can contribute to a physical well-being and a stronger immune system.  There are even slimming teas!

Here are 5 Good reasons why you should drink Valentine’s Tea

1. Black Tea is high in antioxidants and helps to maintain mental alertness throughout the day
2. Rose Petals have been used in Chinese medicine to treat digestive disorders and pain from injuries. Rose Petals are low calorie too.
3. Organic Cocoa Nibs contain more flavonoids (antioxidants) than prepared chocolate.
4. Vanilla contains small traces of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron and zinc
5. Hibiscus is known to reduce joint inflammation and also improves liver function.

Let your special someone know just how much you care with a cup of this special tea.

Makes a great gift or just share a delicious pot of romantic tea together.

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Valentine’s Day is that special day of the year to express your love to the most special person in your life.

Do It With Valentines Tea and Lovers Tea

Valentine's Tea, Valentines Tea


5 Great Places To Eat Out In London

Eat Out In London: The Best Places to Dine in the Capital

Caffe Vergnano

London is a melting pot of great food, bars and restaurants. Whether you’re looking for amazing street food, a tasty brunch or a classy dinner, London will have something perfect for you.

The Holborn Dining Room Delicatessen

A bustling brasserie set in the heart of London, the Holborn Dining Room & Delicatessen is a quirky salon-style diner that serves everything from tasty brunches and freshly-baked pastries to juicy steaks and fresh deli sandwiches.

The crown prince pumpkin & spelt risotto and the pot roast lamb breast are particularity popular – and it’s easy to see why, because these dishes are some of the best-prepared in Holborn. The friendly staff, the beautiful antique furniture and the welcoming atmosphere also make this restaurant one of the most inviting and fun places to be in the capital.

The Baltic Restaurant

The Baltic Restaurant is set in a former coach-builder’s works

The Baltic Restaurant is set in a former coach-builder’s works that dates back to the 18th century. The vast wooden ceilings, stunning beams and amazing original features make dining in the Baltic a captivating experience.

Specialising in cuisine from Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the food served here seems truly unique, even in the cultural melting pot of London. The roast haunch of venison with honey roast pear and sour cherries, smoked salmon blinis and pork dumplings are all as delicious as they sound.

Sasa Sushi

Using only fresh fish, meat and vegetables, Sasa Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in London – and understandably so.

Providing everything from tasty bento boxes, aromatic Japanese soups and sushi platters to authentic udon noodles, deep-fried tempura and beautiful sashimi sets, Sasa Sushi has something for all palates. Located close to the Angel tube station, it’s an equally ideal place to visit on your lunch break for some fresh sushi, or at the weekend for a sit-down meal with friends.

Caffe Vergnano 1882

Caffe Vergnano is renowned for being one the best restaurants in Central London. Ever popular, the queues can become large but they move very quickly, especially during summer months when the restaurant is particularly popular.

Reasonably priced and famous for its laid-back atmosphere, this eatery has great reviews in print and online, and has developed a fantastic reputation amongst the public. The pizzas and the pasta dishes are mouth-watering and the portions are very generous.

The Beagle London – Eat Out In London

If you’re after a fresh seafood dish, a tasty steak or a beautiful risotto, visit the Beagle by Hoxton station. A relaxing and friendly refuge from fast-paced London life, it’s very popular with locals because of its warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Famous for serving up delicious Sunday roasts, fresh fish and veggie dishes, the beagle uses?only the freshest ingredients, making it one of the most successful and well-known restaurants in London.

Finding the Best Places to Eat Out In London

Find out more about the best places to eat, drink and hang out in London by checking out this Interactive Tube Map, highlighting the best places to dine in London.

Holborn Dining Room & Delicatessen

=> For the best places to eat, drink and hang out in London by check out this Interactive Tube Map

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Bon Vivant – The Bloomsbury Bistro Set to Seduce

Bringing a little joie de vivre to Bloomsbury, Bon Vivant will open on Marchmont Street this February. To celebrate the opening, this neighbourhood French restaurant will be offering diners 50% off food from Wednesday 15th to Thursday 23rd February for lunch and dinner, by reservations only – please book by emailing

Bon Vivant bistro restaurant

Subtly sexy, endlessly stylish and infused with everything it means to be French, Bon Vivant will serve everything from croissants and coffee au matin to light lunches, intimate dinners and indulgent bottomless brunches.

French classics such as tartines, charcuterie plates, magret de canard will be served alongside more modern dishes and a wine collection that focuses on fine French grapes.

A decadent yet approachable space with a wrap-around terrace, Bon Vivant, with interiors by BusbyWebb, will offer diners a place to hideaway from the bustle of London life in a setting that simply exudes Parisian chic. Slip into a banquette for brunch with girlfriends, sink into a navy velvet single seat for dinner or find yourself al fresco on a classic woven bistro chair – the perfect place for a little people-watching. Throughout the space, notes of naughtiness will come in the form of provocative artworks displayed across the wallpapered walls and menus.

Bon Vivant – Bloomsbury’s naughtiest new arrival – set to seduce you in true French style.

Bon Vivant

75-77 Marchmont St, Kings Cross, London, WC1N 1AP

[website under construction]

Instagram @bonvivantrestaurant

Soft launch T&Cs

  • The offer is for 50% off food from Wednesday 15th to Thursday 23rd February for lunch and dinner only.
  • The offer is only available if you make a reservation via
  • Subject to availability.
  • All drinks are to be charged at full price.
  • Does not include service.

Wine Matching 101: Best Tips To Match Food With Wine

How To Match Food With Wine – A Guide

Matching wine and food together is an art form. Wine is a delicate beverage, that when paired with the wrong food can make the taste of it seem inadequate in its glory. The problem is that many people don’t know what the best pairing options are when it comes to food and wine. For those who are looking for the perfect pairing, this expert guide will give you the best tips on how to match wine and food together. So, let’s get started.

Wine Matching Tips For Beginners

When Matching Food With Wine Look For Complimentary Flavour Profiles

1) When You Match Food With Wine Look For Complimentary Flavour Profiles

All food has flavour, yet not all flavours complement each other. This is the same when it comes to wine and food pairings. The idea of complimenting flavour profiles is to find that sweet balance between the food and wine you’re serving. When searching for complimentary flavours don’t be afraid to experiment with foods that offer a similar taste pattern to one another. Once you find a flavour profile (sweet, salty, bland, bitter etc.) then work on deciding what type of wine would be best suited to these flavours. For example:

Stone Fruit and Citrus Flavours – Stone fruit and citrus flavours such as apricot, nectarine, peach, lemon, lime, generally pair well with Chardonnay. Chardonnay, depending on where you source it from, can also have a nice buttery texture that coats the mouth. Pairing stone fruit, citrus flavours with a buttery texture together in a meal, some food dishes that come to mind are; risotto style dishes, be sure to include some sun dried tomatoes, apricot chicken or carbonara to go with that lovely texture of the wine.

This is just one example of a flavour pairing that works well. Heavier or richer food that offer bigger and bolder flavours such as T-bone steak or lasagne, generally require a wine that features big tannins that can take on flavours such as this. Red wine is a great option as long as it is considered full bodied, varieties like Shiraz, Malbec, Zinfandel or Cabernet Sauvignon wines partner perfectly.

In general, the simplest way to help narrow down your choices of wine that you should use is by the weight of the food and the wine together. A good rule of thumb is aligning light food with light wine. If the food is heavy and rich, you need a heavy and rich wine that can stand up again these flavours.

2) When Matching Food With Wine – Add A Neutralizer

Foods that are neutralizers help to reset your pallet for another refreshing sip of wine. Cheese is one such neutralizer that enhances the wine due to its soft and creamy texture. When pairing wine and cheese together you can place the cheese into four different categories. These include:

Fresh – Soft cheeses that are spreadable. They aren’t aged and can be mild or tangy in flavour.
Blue – Often the salty, pungent cheese with a blue tinge throughout the texture.
Hard – Cheeses that are hard are often stiff. They often have a salty or sharp flavour.
Bloomy – These are cheeses that are creamy and decadent with a rind that’s soft.

wine cheese matching

As a guide, here’s some examples that may work well together.

cheese wine pairing matching

wine cheese pairing, matching

3) When Matching Cheese and Wine, Combine Salty Food Sparingly

Due to the texture of most wines, it’s a good idea to use salty foods sparingly as generally the pairing is very delicate. Salty items such as chips and nuts generally work well with sparkling wines. This is because sparkling wines tend to have a tingling and spritzed texture that usually helps to even out the saltiness of the food. Not all wines are suitable for salty food, so it’s important to do a small taste test before serving to guest as this will cause problems with an unbalanced meal.

4) When Matching Cheese and Wine – Taste The Wine and Experiment

When looking into new and unfamiliar wines to try, it’s a good idea to taste the wine first and really experiment. While experimenting it’s a good idea to work with one type of food category at a time such as seafood, red meat, white meat, salad etc. This will help you to learn the different types of food in this category that work best with the type of wine that you have.
If you change from one category to the next, you can lose track of which food option matches well with your wine, especially if you have a few different options that you’re trying. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Great food pairings have been made from experimenting with a number of strange and unusual food options. It’s only limited to your imagination.

best wine to drink with steak

Matching Wine and Cheese – Conclusion

Pairing food with wine is all about knowing which flavour combinations work well and how much time you have to experimenting. As said in the beginning of the article, wine pairing is an art form and takes time to master. So, are you ready to pair great food and great wine together?

Author Bio: David Wilson is a wine professional with over 20+ years of industry experience.  His love for wine has seen him travel and work in various locations throughout Australia, a four-year stint in the USA and a lot of trips to New Zealand.  He spent eight years with one of Australia’s largest retailers before working for the fourth largest wine producer globally; he is the owner of Block78 an Australia online wine company based in Australia.  If he could be a wine, it would be Shiraz!


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