How PPC Marketing Can Help Your Restaurant Bounce Back

The pandemic has been hard on nearly all industries, but not many have been hit worse than hospitality. In particular, restaurants, bars, and pubs have suffered hugely from social distancing rules and lockdowns, usually being the first to close when the cases rise. While it’s definitely been a tough time for all, it doesn’t have to be the end of your business. By investing in clever marketing rather than tightening your purse strings, you can help your restaurant jump back and keep your tables booked up when lockdown ends.

Which Marketing Methods Should You Choose?

There’s a wide range of marketing methods that are great for restaurants. We love social media marketing, SEO, and even more traditional methods, like leaflets through the door. But there’s one marketing tactic that stands out at times like these; Pay Per Click advertising. In particular, we’re going to take a look at Google AdWords PPC and how it can boost your bookings.

How PPC Marketing Can Help Your Restaurant Bounce Back

What is Google AdWords PPC?

Google Search Ads is a method of advertising, but rather than having ads on obscure websites or social media feeds, they pop up directly in Google’s search engine. The idea is that you bid on certain keywords that are relevant to your business. Then, when a user searches for that keyword, you’ll be one of the very first search results on the screen. When you consider that over a quarter of people click on the very first result that pops up, you can start to see how this could help you.

If running a PPC campaign sounds daunting, don’t be put off! It is quite technical, but you can easily find a specialist marketing agency to help you out. With their expertise, your ROI should increase dramatically. If you’re still not sure about it, let’s take a look at some of the benefits and see if they change your mind.

Fast Impact 

After the struggles of a pandemic and lockdown, it’s unlikely you’re looking for long-term marketing. You want results, and you want them now, right? Unlike tactics like SEO (which still has its place in every marketing method, of course), Google AdWords PPC gets you results instantly. In fact, as soon as your campaign is up and running you should start to see your traffic beginning to rise! As long as you have a brilliant website for users to land on, there’s no reason why your bookings won’t start to increase, too.

With PPC Marketing – You’re In Control

No matter what your budget is, it’s vital you can control it when creating your marketing strategy. Luckily, PPC makes that easy. With this marketing method, you only ever have to put in the amount of money you can spend, making it very manageable. Because you also have control over the ad displayed (the written content) and the keywords or phrases it pops up for, you can also make sure the money you invest is being spent efficiently. If you like to make sure you’re getting good marketing for your money, this is a great option for your restaurant.

PPC Advertising Provides Highly Targeted Marketing For Restaurants

To make sure your marketing is bringing customers through the door and sitting at your tables, you need to target it. Not any old person will be interested in your restaurant! With Google AdWords, there’s a number of ways you can target your marketing. The first is the key terms you pick, which instantly narrow down your audience to people interested in restaurants, food, or any other niche you fall under. You can also target by location which is super useful for restaurants! So, when someone searches for a restaurant in your area, you can pop up first.

PPC Marketing pay per click for restaurants

The Timing Is Just Right for PPC Advertising

When you create an advert for Instagram or a website, the chances of it appearing right when someone wants to dine out is slim. But, because PPC relies on them searching for a restaurant, you’re catching them at just the right moment. In restaurant marketing, timing is everything, and Google AdWords PPC makes that easy.

See Visible Results with PPC Ads

Google AdWords has a wealth of data and reporting that they’ll give you access to. Through this, you can see exactly how well your ads are performing, the amount of traffic they’re driving, and everything else you need to measure your ROI. Through this, you can fine-tune your PPC ads, tweaking them until you get the formula just right and your traffic sky-rockets.

Don’t Miss Out On PPC

It’s not hard to see how a PPC campaign can help restaurants bounce back after the harsh pandemic side-effects. With targeted marketing that catches your audience at just the right time and results that can be almost instant, it’s a brilliant way to quickly and effectively get your business back on track.

If you want your tables fully booked, don’t miss out on PPC.

Author Bio: Andrew Nicholas is a Director and Co-founder of SideDish Media Restaurant Marketing in London, UK. SideDish Media is a Marketing Agency whose passion and focus lies in the food, drink and hospitality industry, helping restaurants, bars, hotels increase their positive exposure online. SideDish Media helps to put restaurants’ businesses and brands in front of millions of the right potential customers through specialised targeting methods, to achieve the maximum impact from precious marketing budgets.

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A Good Food Blogger Perfects These Skills!

 good food blogger

Skills you must have to become a good food blogger

There are many people, including me, who love to find new restaurants and eateries in the surroundings. Their love for food motivates and excites them to do so. Trying out finger-licking food at different food outlets is what makes such people happy.

If you are also a person who loves to visit different restaurants just for your love for food, you can be a food blogger. Isn’t it a great idea to earn money while doing something that you love? What else can be better than the restaurants paying you for promoting their dishes and outlets?

Well, this is not easy. You need to have some skills to become a good food blogger. If you only know how to eat, this profession is not for you. Don’t get stressed. We are here to help you.

Following are some of the skills you must have to become a good food blogger.

A Good Food Blogger Writes Engaging Content

You must be able to write engaging content for the blog in order to make it more interesting. Think of your audience while you write and always keep a check on the grammar and vocabulary you use for the blogs.

If you make simple grammatical errors in the blogs, people easily notice them and point out. A bad impression is definitely what you want for your blog. Also, do not use tough words that are difficult to understand in your blog. Write in a layman’s language so that more and more people can understand it.

Food photography and some video making skills

It is very important to have good food photography skills if you want to be a food blogger. Alluring and mouth-watering pictures of various dishes attract more and more audience. Don’t worry if you are on a low budget and can’t afford a DSLR. Nowadays, phone cameras are also capable of clicking great pictures.

A personal tip for you: Try your hands on the manual mode of the phone camera. Once you practice photography in manual mode, it would be better for you in the longer run. Experiment with different settings and try to understand how shutter speed, ISO, and aperture works.

For that, you need to have great photography skills. Also, if you make videos of your restaurant visits, you should have a good knowledge of camera handling and video editing software.

Other than this, for your photos you can use different editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Having a good knowledge of photo editing software is also very important when it comes to food photography.

Basic knowledge of WordPress and other blogging platforms

I suggest you make the website for your blog on your own if you do not have the budget for hiring a professional. For that, you need to have basic knowledge of WordPress and other blogging platforms like Blogspot.

You can easily make your own website on these platforms. Also, there are many tutorial videos on YouTube to make a website on your own. See The Beginners Guide To Blogging.

Good Food Bloggers Have Great Communication Skills

You must have good communication skills if you want to be a food blogger. Conversating with restaurant managers, new people, eateries’ owners require good communication skills.

Also, if you make videos for your YouTube channel, you need to presentable and confident with your speech. Don’t worry if you are bad at it. Practice is one of the most effective solutions to it. You will make mistakes in your initial videos. But if you stay consistent, you will see a change, and also, you will notice your mistakes.

Good Food Bloggers Need Excellent Culinary Skills

Culinary Skills, food blogger

Good food bloggers are good cooks as well. You should have good culinary skills for becoming a better food blogger. You can make recipe videos for your YouTube channel, share recipes on your website etc.

This is also a skill that you don’t learn overnight. A lot of practice and consistency is required. You may burn a few dishes initially. My personal advice is to take help from your mom to become a good cook. She will be the best person to help you out in the kitchen.

Good networking skills

Networking skills are really important if you want to be a good food blogger. Socialize as much as you can. Be known to more and more people.

Publicizing your profession is also very important. If you start solo, then you will have to see the marketing, the camera part, and other things on your own. Networking is part of marketing. Meet with different restaurant owners, street food eateries owners, and also other food bloggers. Share their content and collaborate with them in order to promote yourself and their business as well.

Good knowledge of social media

Having great knowledge of social media is very important if you want to be a successful food blogger. The majority of your audience will know you from social media platforms. Post unique and engaging content on your social media to attract more and more audience.

My personal advice is to be real and let your audience tell you about your shortcomings. Work on them and provide the audience with the content they want.

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Author bio: 

Manav Bansal works as a creative content writer at TABSCAP. He has been writing on various topics related to social media marketing, digital marketing, education, health and lifestyle. He also loves photography and always crave for street food.


Buying Pots And Pans To Improve Your Cooking – What You Need To Know

# Don’t But New Pots & Pans Until You Read This

best pots pans healthy eating

Things To Consider When Choosing Pots And Pans To Improve Your Cooking

The importance of proper cooking instruments is unparalleled. The kind of utensils you use heavily affects the quality and taste of food that is being prepared. When it comes to pots and pans, it’s not about if you have a varied collection of different sizes. Rather, owning a small but efficient set goes a long way. Your choice of pots and pans should depend on the kind of food you cook, how frequently you cook it, and the quantity of the batches you make.

Choosing the perfect pot or the perfect pan to buy requires a thorough analysis of such factors, and that is why it differs from person to person and lifestyle to lifestyle. Here is some guidance that will help you to make an informed decision when buying a high-quality cookware set.

Know your Requirements

The first step to buy the most efficient set of pots and pans is to know what you need. Most people are attracted to a set of matching cookware that is sold at a lucrative price. While there is nothing wrong with doing that, picking up each piece on your own and, as per your requirements, will lead to the maximum utilization of your time and money. Often, we are left with something that we don’t need that much in a larger size when we buy a set. To avoid such mishaps, it is always wise to analyze your situation and then buy what you need.

Some must-have characteristic traits to look for when buying a pan

pots pans healthy kitchen

Your kitchen should be stocked with some good quality and efficient pots with varied shapes and materials. Remember, every small and big characteristic feature will affect the food you cook in the pan. Some of the criteria that need to be fulfilled before choosing on a pan are:

  1. Comfort – A pan should be comfortable to work with. You should be able to handle the weight of the pan and grip it properly. A simple hack to make the grip more comfortable is by adding a rubber gripper.
  2. Handles and lids should be heatproof and sturdy – You need to choose a pan that has a sturdy handle. Lids are crucial aspects of pans, and you should look for one that allows the excess vapor to be released. The handles and the lid need to heatproof to reduce accidents in the kitchen and increased safety.
  3. Heavy gauge materials – When in a store, ask the shopping assistant for pans that have heavy gauge materials. It helps in evenly spreading the heat in the pan, which assures that the food being cooked in the pan will receive an equal quantity of heat at all places and at all times. Distribution of heat can make or break a preparation.
  4. Good Conductor of heat – You should look for a pan made from a material that is a good conductor of heat. Copper and aluminum are good heat conductors. They can almost instantly catch up with the changes in the heat source. Pans made of these materials take very little time to heat up or cool down. That is why it is easy to work with them and much more efficient.
  5. Know the kind of food you will cook – There are different kinds of pans suited for different types of cooking. For example, if you are thinking of a saute pan, you need to focus on the responsiveness of the item because you would need to change the heat abruptly and want the pan to respond almost eventually to make a proper sautéed dish.

Choosing the correct pot for yourself

healthy eating pots and pans

Several materials make pots. Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Anodized aluminum, Nonstick, etc. are some of them. Each of these materials affects the aspects of the pot, which influences the food being cooked.

Your choice of the pot should depend on the kind of food you want to prepare in it.

  1. Go for a heavy stockpot if you are someone who cooks a lot of soups. A heavy bottom is an essential quality for such dishes.
  2. A thinner gauge pot works well if you have to boil some pasta or steaming something.
  3. Use an Anodized aluminum pot with a lighter interior to cook the sauce. In case you use induction cooktops for cooking your food,
  4. Your pot should be made of stainless steel as only then it will effectively work with an induction cooktop.

That was it for today. We hope that this article helps you out, and you can buy the right kind of pots and pans for your kitchen. Happy cooking!

Buying Pots And Pans To Improve Your Cooking – What You Need To Know


Up Your Mocktail Game by Learning the Art of Dry Mixology

Dry mixology has become an increasingly important section on the menu of any bar or restaurant.

Non-alcoholic mixed drinks, or mocktails as they are often known, are growing in popularity. There is an incredible range of tastes and sensations that can be achieved with the art of dry mixology, resulting in some spectacular drinks.

Why not learn the art of dry mixology and add to your repertoire of bar skills?

Up Your Mocktail Game by Learning the Art of Dry Mixology

What is dry mixology?

There’s something slightly mystical and mysterious in the term “mixology.”

The word itself is centuries old. It first appeared in the Merriam-Webster dictionary back in 1872 as a word to describe the skill of mixing drinks. We can, perhaps, imagine Victorian figures at this time, bent over their concoctions, engrossed in their world.

However, today the word has an even greater depth of meaning.

Anybody, professional bartender or not, who can claim to know the art of mixology must have a learned, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the chemistry of mixed drinks.

There has been both serious study and lengthy practice of this science. There is a dedication to learning both the history of the subject and ideal practices, as well as a commitment to further innovation and invention.

But a mixologist is both a scientist, historian and an artist, because there is a theatrical element to the term mixology.

A mixologist seeks not to merely produce a pleasant drink but to provoke an emotional reaction from the drinker, perhaps to transport them elsewhere to another time or place, to create a jolt of excitement or to stir the soul.

A dry mixologist must be all this and more. They have the skills to create incredible drinks without using any alcoholic ingredients. They are the designer and innovator of incredible, fascinating and utterly delicious non-alcoholic cocktails. 

Why learn dry mixology?

Aside from the pleasure and gratification that comes from learning a new skill or subject in-depth, there are more reasons than ever to learn dry mixology.

Several consumer studies have suggested that non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails are a fast-growing trend.

One such study, undertaken by Distill Ventures 2019 and reported by Forbes, surveyed bartenders and consumers between 2017 and 2019. In both the US and the UK, consumers were looking for greater choice in non-alcoholic beverages. Eighty-three percent of LA bartenders felt dry mixology was very much a growing trend.

Data from Google trends also shows increases over the past five years for online searches for the terms “mocktail,” “mocktail recipes” and “non-alcoholic drinks,” suggesting that there is a peak in interest from enthusiasts and bartenders looking to learn the art of dry mixology and increase their repertoire.

Careers in dry mixology

This is a good time to be considering a career in dry mixology. As well as bar tending and bar management work, there are opportunities to work for drinks companies, perhaps in promotional work and, particularly excitingly, in product development.

Perhaps you are a bartender or mixologist looking to further your skills and to diversify. Perhaps you’d like to learn the art of mixology but would prefer not to work with alcoholic drinks. Either way, you should consider taking a course in dry mixology.

What would I learn on a dry mixology course?

A dry mixology course is an in-depth study of the art, history and science of mixed, non-alcoholic drinks. It will combine both theory and practice. Depending on the provider, the course will likely last several days.

Whether you are a serious enthusiast, or a professional bartender or mixologist, you will be looking for a high-quality course to make the most of your time. When examining the content of any potential course, make sure it includes the following:


By learning the history of mixology, you will have a firm foundation of knowledge from which to base your practice. This should include the evolution of the bartender and mixologist, as well as the history of soft drinks and mocktail trends over time.

Tools and equipment

You should learn how to use all the tools at a professional bartender’s disposal, including their handling, hygiene, cleaning and maintenance. You should also learn the ideal set up and workflow to ensure smooth operations.

The science

It is vital to learn both the chemistry of drinks and how it affects taste and texture. Therefore, course content should include:

  • The classification and production methods of a range of soft drinks
  • An overview of available ingredients and their key properties
  • The science behind the use of still vs carbonated ingredients
  • How to balance bitter, sweet, sour and salty flavours

Learning the Art of Dry Mixology

Practical elements

The course must include plenty of practical opportunities to put into practice the theories learned and the use of professional bartending tools.

By the end of the course, you should confidently be able to use the main methods of mocktail (and cocktail) preparation: stirring, building up, layering, shaking, straining, smashing and blending.

You should learn how to prepare some classic recipes. However, you should also graduate from the class with enough grounding to feel that you can begin to experiment with your own concoctions and unique recipes.


There is an element of showmanship to mixology and a good course will acknowledge this, giving you the confidence to prepare mixed drinks under the watchful eye of your customers and guests.

Exquisite presentation is a key element of the mocktail experience. Your course should teach you the classic presentation methods, as well as equipping you with some ideas to find your own unique style of presenting drinks.

These are the key elements of a dry mixology and bartending fundamentals course. More advanced practitioners may wish to move on to skills involving molecular mixology, including how to use foams and gels, liquid nitrogen and much more.

Whether you want to learn dry mixology for professional or career reasons, to impress dinner party guests, or as a hobby, an intensive course offers an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in this exciting subject. This way, you’ll also be guided by incredibly knowledgeable and skilled professionals.


Shanaaz Raja is the Course Director at International Centre for Culinary Arts – ICCA Dubai.



5 Trendsetter Cocktails – Stay On Top Of Your Cocktail Game

Cocktails – in recent years, are like super fancy artisan drinks, crafted by bartenders around the world. The recipe changing region to region with more exotic ingredients has set its trend. Each year the trendsetters are different, and 2020 is not being shy!

Trendsetter Cocktails

2019 saw cocktails trends that were sweeter, gin, and rum-based. Sherries and daiquiris were sensations. And, there were slow talks about wellness and health – which in 2020 is unfolding into a trend which we can’t ignore anymore.

5 Trendsetter Cocktails – Stay on top of your cocktail game.

CBD infused cocktails

CBD has taken all worlds into its trend. And, we are looking at so much CBD inspired stuff from medicine to skincare. That doesn’t end there! The fad has taken over bars and coffee houses around the country. Bartenders mixing “CBD oil” into various cocktails – you can imagine the buzz.

5 trendsetter cocktails for 2020 – Stay on top of the game.

Yet there are so many rumors about it! Will CBD infused cocktails take you to cloud nine? Well, CBD-Cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive chemical found in hemp plants. That being said, it doesn’t contain THC – so it will not make you super high! Yet the said effects are the feeling of relaxation.

Bartenders are using an eyedropper to manage the doses of the CBD oil – and mixing it with tinctures and teas. CBD can give an earthy texture and flavor to Gin or Amaro based drinks. And, it is a go-to recipe to buzz your mind. CBD oil suits much with non-ABV (Alcohol by Volume) cocktails. So two drinks are enough to push you out of bed the next morning! One thing to keep in mind is that in many regions of the country, CBD products are not yet legalized! So it is important to remember that you won’t get in trouble!

Classics are back!

In the past few years, we saw a plethora of fancy drinks – with infinite, more elegant ingredients. And somehow, after roaming and discovering into lands of mystical fancy drinks, we are back to the classic ones. Yes! Classic drinks are back in business. People now more than ever are into cocktails with 3 or 4 ingredients.

And, we are talking about “Highball,” making its way into the upstream. Do not confuse this classic drink with any fancier versions – a highball is just whiskey and ginger ale! Some recipes use plain soda water, but ginger ale is the best ingredient. Any drink enthusiast knows how a classic highball tastes. The variations made from these two drinks are just divine and straightforward.

At home, it is easily brewable – and already has a perfect formation around the world. Our recipe follows like – fill a highball glass with ice, pour 2 ounces of crown royal reserve and top up with ginger ale or your favorite soda. You can go ahead and throw in some lemon zest or flavor schnapps and orange juice. A perfect drink for your happy hours!

Trendsetter Cocktails  — No to low ABV

We are peaking in 2020, and one thing that goes without notice is “health consciousness”. The wellness-minded people are buzzing around low proof cocktails. And, it has set a new trend for 2020 among fitness seekers to make youngsters’ conscious about what they drink.

go ahead and throw in some lemon zest or flavor schnapps and orange juice

What are low proof cocktails – Simply saying alcohol with low ABV(alcohol by volume) shaken together! We are looking at drinks with base ingredients like Aperitif wines, Sake, Vermouth and sherry, etc. The alcohol percentage varies from 15 to 20 percent. Sweet and sour, dry to intense flavors, and tons of innovation are just lying around the low ABV drinks – you need the necessary imagination!

The rise of low proof cocktails is the cause of people looking out for a style of sophistication mixed with healthy juice. It’s no more about just getting drunk, and more about discovering flavors, mixtures, and prepping for new drinks. It’s a trend you need to hop on now!

Trendsetter Cocktails — Kegged Cocktails

Don’t come to a subtle conclusion of excluding kegged cocktails. Everyone can agree on the point that cocktails are art! The craftsman in the bar elegantly pouring drinks topping with exclusive flavors is just mesmerizing. The said drink is then poured into beautiful glassware with dozens of ingredients to spark it!


et at times, it becomes widely impractical and too precious for high crowd places! In the reign of fast-paced bars and pubs, there is just no time for royal sophistication. And hence the “kegged cocktails” have come into existence.

The preparations for batched drinks are old school now. The bartenders mix the said ingredients before ready to serve to achieve the max speed during busy hours. The world accepted the concept of kegged cocktails versions. Don’t worry! You can maintain the freshness as long as you want in newly developed refrigerators.

The recipe mixed and stored in the freezer is ready to serve anytime! Well, we can agree it’s just a natural and straightforward – time-saving technique! The drink menu is just “ready to serve”! Don’t get mistaken here – you can get any recipe stored for an instant drink. Kegged cocktails are the only necessary evil here!


Umami cocktails


The gift from the Japanese – “the umami factor”! This mysterious flavor has its range – And is being the latest obsession for enthusiastic drinkers. The Japanese explain umami as savory deliciousness – naturally occurring elements in miso and mushrooms. Yet it’s more complicated than it sounds.

The flavor profile of umami is a full-bodied, meaty profile – which comes from amino acid L-glutamate. The top umami-rich foods are meat, tomato, seaweeds, seafood, green tea, and nuts. That explains why we are addicted to burgers, fish, and chips.

Tomatoes – you must be thinking of an umami-rich Bloody Mary! Yes, variants of “Bloody Mary” will give you an excellent idea of an umami cocktail. Right now, many bartenders are experimenting to get the perfect umami cocktails. Yet the Japanese establishments already have an exclusive menu for this mysterious tasting cocktail. They are making people venture into this fifth taste more!

Umami cocktails

We can safely assume 2020 is the year of wellbeing, health, simplicity, and exclusive flavor profile. Cocktails have always been a part of innovation and sophistication. People are always looking for the novelty to please their taste buds – of course. It is part of enjoyment and pleasure.

There will be a new trend every year.

But, for 2020, the golden words are healthy and simple!


7 Healthy Cocktails You Must Try At Least Once in a Lifetime

Whenever someone brings up the idea of a cocktail, people tend to have a sensational imagination. That is because these drinks can quickly boost your moods, refresh your soul, and fill your heart with excitement. Due to the eagerness to feel their taste and texture, people tend to forget what the cocktail will do to their bodies later on. You must know that some cocktails are unhealthy despite their delicious taste.

That means the only thing they can offer your body is the refreshment and nothing more. A cocktail such as eggnog contains more than 300 calories. That comes from its recipe, which makes use of sugar, heavy cream, egg yolk, and milk. Another cocktail that should be in your rear view is long island iced tea. Apart from having high alcohol content that leads to dreadful hangovers, it also contains many calories and plenty of sugars that come from the soda used.

7 Healthy Cocktails You Must Try At Least Once

Healthy Cocktails

The good news is that people are realizing that some cocktails are not worth a try and alternatively coming up with ways to craft healthy cocktails. This is by introducing new batches of healthy drinks or altering the ingredients to make them beneficial. With that in mind, here is a list of seven healthy cocktails that you must try at least once in a lifetime.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is a prominent cocktail that makes use of condensed milk, gin, coconut milk, lime juice, and sky juice. Moreover, you can decide to opt for coconut water instead of coconut milk. There is also an inclusion of Graviola or soursop juice to enhance its taste and make it healthier. Keep in mind that there are other different recipes that you can use to create cloud 9. It is, however, this recipe that makes it beneficial to your health.

To come up with the cocktail, pour all the ingredients in a shaker and shake well until you end up with an excellent mixture. You can then pour the drink in a glass containing ice to give it a refreshing effect. For garnishment, use a wedge of lemon. The drink will end up with an incredible appearance and a balanced flavor. It then melts off, leaving the coconut scent in your mouth.

What makes this drink healthy is the fact that it is packed with vitamin C and plenty of antioxidants thanks to the soursop juice. That means the vitamin C will facilitate the repair of your body tissues and the antioxidant will eradicate any free radicals from your body.

Mint Fizz – Healthy Cocktail

Mint fizz makes mint useful by combining it with many other ingredients to come up with a delicious cocktail that has a savory finish. To achieve this incredible drink, you will need fresh mint sprigs, vodka, champagne, as well as fresh lime juice. Give it some sweetness by adding some few tablespoons of sugar. Some people include grain alcohol, but only some droplets to make the drink enjoyable.

The question is, what is healthy about mint fizz? Well, the drink has fewer calories, and that makes it incredible for anyone trying to lose weight. Due to the intense availability of mint, the cocktail can minimize irritable bowel syndrome, enhance cognitive functionalities, and do away with bad breath.

To make it, you need to muddle sugar, mint, and lime juice together. In a shaker, add vodka and ice, shake well for some minutes then add champagne.

Place the first muddled mixture in a glass and top it off with the contents in the shaker. The resultant taste is incredible, with a high concentration of mint, leaving an appealing scent in your mouth. Garnish with lime or basil.

 Healthy Cocktail

Black Cherry Basil Mojitos

Forget about the regular mojitos. Black cherry basil mojitos come with a distinct flavor and a pleasing appearance. The cocktail uses water, black cherry, rum, lime juice, and fresh basil juice to achieve its mouthwatering taste. It is easy to prepare and very healthy, especially if you have skin infection. The basil is also going to shower your body with vitamins C, K, and A. You are also going to get iron, minerals, and fatty acids. That makes it worth a try.

Once you gather the above ingredients, mix water with black cherry. Proceed to transfer the mixture in cocktail glasses. Add ice, lime juice, basil leaves, chilled water and some sparkling wine. Stir the drink for a few minutes then add two cherries for garnishment. You will find the cocktail to be lifesaving during a hot summer. That is because it can help you quench your thirst and supply you with a long list of nutrients.

Black Cherry Basil Mojitos

Ginger pear cocktail

Another drink on the list of healthy cocktails that will serve your body with plenty of excellent nutrients, vitamins, and minerals is ginger pear cocktail. The drink has a misty appearance with a brown hue at the bottom. To make it, you require pear infused vodka, ginger puree, and a slice of pear for garnishment.

Start by preparing the ginger puree, which you will need ginger, a cup of water, raw sugar, and peeled pears. Blend the pears, and ginger, then add a little bit of water to develop a thick paste. Add raw sugar and continue blending until you end up with a smooth cream. Once it’s ready, mix all the above ingredients using a shaker then strain in a glass of ice. Garnish with a slice of pear and enjoy the fabulous taste.

Apart from giving you a nice feel and a perfect kick, ginger pear cocktail also brings along some health benefits. The pear comes with antioxidant properties, while the ginger can help minimize muscle soreness and pain.

Peach Mango Moscow Mules

Peach Mango Moscow Mules is a fantastic cocktail to consider if you are on a weight loss diet. The cocktail has peach, which comes with a variety of health benefits such as preventing oral and lung cancer. In addition to that, it regulates blood pressure and heart rate, thus ensuring the perfect circulation of blood in your body. It comes with low fats, few calories, and some bit of carbohydrates, and which is why it won’t mess with your weight loss regime.

Unlike other healthy cocktails, peach mango Moscow mule is easy to prepare so long as you have the right ingredients. To develop the drink, you are going to need vodka, water, peach mango, lime juice, and diet ginger beer. First, mix the peach mango with water to achieve a perfect blend. Pour the contents in a glass and add ginger beer, lime juice, and vodka, then give it a light stir. Garnish with a lemon wedge and add some ice to cool it to a desirable temperature.

It is a drink that you will love since its taste is satisfactory, and so is its smooth texture.

Frozen Watermelon Coconut Margaritas

Nothing is fulfilling like the scent of fresh frozen watermelon and coconut on a hot sunny day. It is a perfect refreshment for any cocktail lover who wants to benefit health-wise. The coconut will supply you with iron, copper, and manganese. It can thus help in metabolism and make your cells active by eradicating free radicals. On the other hand, watermelon can enhance your heart health and minimize muscle soreness.

You, however, have to create the drink first. You will need coconut lime, Blanco tequila, lime juice, seedless watermelon, and ice. The creation process is straightforward, pour everything in a blender and combine them until you achieve a fine paste. If you find the mixture to be too thick, you can add some little water. Pour the resulting mixture in a cocktail glass and garnish with a lime wedge.

Pina Colada

Lastly, you can consider having a glass of Pina colada anytime you want a cold and tasty cocktail. The pineapple gives the cocktail a delicious flavor, and the rum adds a twist while leaving behind a slightly sharp taste. Moreover, Pina cold also comes with a variety of nutrients and can enhance digestion. The pineapple can help reduce inflammation and fight antioxidants in the body. That makes it a special drink for exceptional people who want more than mere refreshment.

Now that you know the importance of the cocktail, gather rum, frozen pineapple, coconut milk, and pineapple passion juice. Mix the pineapple passion juice with water then add all the other ingredients before blending them to achieve an elegant finish. After completion, use a small slice of fresh pineapple for garnishment. The drink tastes even better if you add a few ice cubes to lower the temperature slightly.

Frozen Watermelon Coconut Margaritas

These are some of the healthiest cocktails that you can ever taste on the planet.

Some of them have slight modifications to make them healthier. They, however, maintain their outstanding taste, which is a significant factor if at all you want to enjoy any glass of cocktail.

Thanks to the creativity and innovativeness of various mixologists, you can now enjoy healthy and delicious cocktails. The secret lies in the ingredients used in crafting the drinks.


How to Host a Business Lunch: 7 Tips to Make it a Success

Gone are the days when business meetings were only held within the four corners of an office. Today, you can bring these conventions to a more luxurious venue to boost its effectiveness in achieving your business goals.

How to Host a Business Lunch Meeting

A business lunch meeting is an effective tool in establishing a great impression with potential investors, partners, and clients while learning more about them. This is the very reason why the term “power lunch” was coined.

Whether you’re meeting with clients, investors, partners, or employees, a business lunch should always be done with thorough planning and preparation.

From booking a table and inviting your guest to bringing up business talk, here are seven tips on how to be a gracious host before and during a lunch meeting:

Before Lunch

Business lunches are much like romantic dates. Aside from dressing up appropriately, you also need to invite your guests and make preparations to keep them comfortable by:

=> Making a professional invitation

When inviting guests to a business lunch, you must choose your words carefully. A good invitation should:

  • Clearly indicate the purpose of the lunch meeting, leaving no room for confusion or misunderstandings.
  • Ensure that the guests know that you’re the host and that you’re paying for the meals.
  • Make it easy for the invitee to graciously decline without making him uncomfortable.

=> Selecting an appropriate venue

When choosing a venue for your business meeting, it is best to pick a place you’ve been to for a couple of times. This way, you’ll know that the food and service are topnotch.

If you’re traveling out of town for a business lunch, research about the best restaurants online before the trip. Check the website and read reviews of past customers, particularly those written by people who have conducted business lunches in the place.

It is also worth noting that every person has a different taste, so you must make sure you know what your guest likes. If in case you cannot learn this ahead of the meeting, you should play it safe and avoid ethnic or exotic restaurants.

Fine dining, waterfront restaurants, and steakhouses for your business lunch are the safest choices. Just remember to ask if your guest has any dietary preferences or food allergies to avoid difficult situations later.

=> Do a pre-meeting reconnaissance

Even if you’ve tried dining at a restaurant before, it won’t hurt to do some reconnaissance before the meeting. Head to the venue you picked and determine if it has the right vibe for your meeting.

You should also check if there is enough privacy to discuss business stuff without getting too much interruption. If possible, seek out a private room where you can convene about sensitive matters.

During the Business Lunch Meeting

Now that the invitation has been made and the place of the meeting is set, it is time for you to create a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience for your guests. To do so, you must:

=> Arrive earlier than your guests

As the host, it is important that you be the first to arrive at the venue of the business meeting. The best way to ensure this is to set your arrival at least ten minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment.

Once you’re there, wait for your guest at the bar or table and tip off the hostess to be on the lookout. The extra time also allows you to get some more last-minute preparations done, such as:

  • Let the waiter know about the business meeting so he can keep the interruptions at the bare minimum.
  • In case a guest is in a hurry, you should make sure that the waiter hands over the bill the moment you finish your meals.
  • Even better, give him your (or the company’s) credit card before your guest arrives. This way, your meals can be paid for right away, the bill will never arrive at the table, and there won’t be any confusion as to who’s paying.

=> Turn off your phone

When dining with a potential client or investor, you must strictly follow professional etiquette. This means you should turn off your phone and keep it away throughout the lunch meeting to ensure that your guest has your undivided attention.

If you’re expecting an urgent call, let him know as soon as you get seated. Don’t forget to set your phone on vibrate. Once it goes off, take a quick glance and silence it immediately if it isn’t the urgent call you were expecting.

In case your guest is using his phone, wait until he’s done before proceeding with the conversation.

=> Let your guests sit down and order first

As the host, you must let your guests get the first pick of the seat, so they’ll feel comfortable. If they hesitate, gesture towards the better seats to let them know that they can sit in those.

You should also let your guests order first, then copy the number of courses they asked for. This will ensure that you eat at the same time as they do, avoiding that awkward situation when only one of you is still eating.

=> Build rapport before bringing up business talk

Never start with business talk as soon as you and your guests sit down. Make sure that you have a bit of casual talk first to help your guests feel at ease.

Casual conversations can also give you the chance to learn more about your guests’ personalities. Just make sure to keep it within easy topics like hobbies, sports, and non-controversial news. Avoid making it too personal, especially if it’s the first time you get acquainted with each other.

Also, remember to be sincere. Even though you’re at a business meeting, you have to make the conversation real. This will show your guests how much you respect them and would also reflect who you are as a person.

A Final Word

Business meetings can make or break your relationship with potential clients, partners, and investors. Make sure that you plan them well and execute them in the right way with the help of the above tips.


A Guide to the Cheap Eats in London

A guide to the best cheap eats

24 hours in London – A guide to the best cheap eats….

It’s fair to say that every time you visit London, it’s never really a pleasant experience for your wallet or purse. Although the cuisine is fantastic, it always tends to come at a price. So, it really takes the fun out of eating out, even though London is probably considered one of the best cities when it comes to food! Don’t worry though, because the list that we’ve collated a little list which provides some of our great food for up to only £10 a head (or thereabouts). And we’ve covered every single base with some of your favourite food choices.

Abu Zaad

Based in Shepherd’s Bush Market, this Syrian restaurant is definitely something different to start the list with. We recommend going there around 11am – 1pm where you can load up on the freshly baked bread, houmous and other specialities at their all-you-can-eat breakfast on a Sunday. Be careful though as it’s easy to go overboard considering the portions are rather large, but for only £9.99 we’re not surprised if you do!

City Caphe

Fancy a bit of East Asian cuisine? City Caphe in Mansion House specialises in everything Vitenamese food and it’s no surprise that it gets plenty of customers through the door. It’s open every weekday between 11:30am – 4:30pm but it tends to be heaving around lunchtime, so you need to get there quick! Although it may get a bit cramped and busy, once you tuck into the food it’s all completely worth it. Spring rolls and baguettes are just a couple notable favourites. £8 will cover you nicely.

Flat Iron

Strolling through Covent Garden will help you find the famous Flat Iron restaurant that’s all about the steak. It’s different in terms of its seating with communal tables and no bookings service, so it’s definitely the sociable atmosphere if you don’t mind making a few friends whilst you eat. If you’re a red meat lover, this may just be the spot for you with steaks served right on the board and a selection of sauces to choose from. For a basic deal, you can tuck in for about £10.

Island Poke

We might not get the tropical weather of Hawaii but you can still reap the benefits from the cuisine. You can find Island Poke on Kingly Street where it’s home to some exotic food choices. It combines clean eating with fusion of flavours to create dishes containing the likes of soy tuna, sushi rice and spring onions. An Ahi Bowl at lunchtime is definitely a customer favourite and at just £8.85, you can’t go wrong.

Joe Public

A best eats list wouldn’t be completed without a restaurant specialising in Pizza! Queue Joe Public in Clapham. They bring the New York style pizza to the UK and you can practically enjoy it anytime after lunch, right up until midnight. You’re more than welcome to go for seconds… or thirds.

Two large slices of pizza seem to satisfy the taste buds relatively well with toppings ranging from chicken to veggie options. Prices for are around £3.50-£5 depending on what you fancy.

Whether it’s a dinner for two or a large group gathering, the price of your meal shouldn’t make you feel guilty after having such a good time. It’s always worth taking the time to research a few restaurant deals to see what’s about and you might just find that you’re getting more than your value for money!


Getting A Taste Of The Mediterranean In Liverpool: 5 Of The Best Restaurants


With summer fast approaching, many of us may be looking forward to our impending holidays or city breaks planned to make the most of the guaranteed sunshine in other destinations. But, if the sometimes dull spring weather is making you feel a little grey, then there are some ways you can create the feel of being on holiday without having to spend too much money.

The Meditteranean is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and is home to some of the best food and beaches in Europe, but Liverpool has some wonderful Meditteranean restaurants where all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy some wonderful food – just imagine you are sat dining on a Mediterranean beach!

Neon Jamon

Neon Jamon is the place to visit if you are searching for tasty tapas, great atmosphere and fine Spanish wine. Just a short walk away from Penny Lane, this is the perfect Friday night restaurant and is ideal if you’re looking for somewhere to dine with friends or family. With melt-in-the-mouth Spanish meats, including their signature acorn-fed Iberico ham, fresh sardines, traditional patatas bravas and delicious créma Catalana, you’re sure to enjoy each and every one of the dishes on offer.


Othello’s is one of only a few traditional Greek restaurants which sticks to what it knows best – food. Here, you’ll find no loud music, no plate smashing and no Greek dancing, but instead, you’ll be treated to a warm and friendly atmosphere. Gerry, who is the owner, has been crowned as the Best Greek Chef in Your Move magazine, so it is safe to say he knows his stuff. The Mousakka is a popular dish here, with many customers saying it is the best they have ever had.

Salt House Bacaro

This Spanish and Italian inspired restaurant is well known by locals for its sharing platters and amazing Campari drinks. With an Italian-influenced drinks menu and a Spanish style a la carte food menu, the infusion of different food, drinks and cultures works well here. From a pea puree risotto with a pancetta crumb to a raspberry and limoncello semifreddo, there’s no shortage of tasty dishes. If you want to experience a true mixture of Mediterranean foods, then Salt House Bacaro is the spot for you!


If the infamous Liverpool rain ever takes you by surprise, then you should add in a stop at Fattoush until it passes. Sat just behind the World Museum and Central Library, Fattoush specialises in Mediterranean and Lebanese dishes. This dining establishment is well-known for its friendly staff and great service, so it’s a great place to relax after a busy day sightseeing or shopping. There is plenty on offer here, including tasty kebabs and chicken skewers, homemade hummus and some of the best baklava the city has to offer. Their Lebanese coffee is worth a try, as is their mint tea, but they also offer a good beer and wine menu.

Bacchus Taverna

If a faraway Greek beach is only but a dream this year, then you can still experience some of the greatness that Greece has to offer with a visit to Bacchus Taverna. One of Liverpool’s best-kept secrets which is hidden in plain sight, only locals and those in the know are aware of its locations. The owner once served in the Greek army and was a sailor, but he can now be found at Bacchus Taverna every night. It’s known that he often goes to the local markets at 4 in the morning to ensure he gets the freshest ingredients. The food comes from recipes passed on through generations, with moussaka, salads, taramasalata and juicy meat dishes all taking centre stage on the menu.

6 Restaurants in Manchester Known for Their Beautiful Atmosphere
Author Bio: Natalie Wilson is a freelance travel writer and can provide advice on anything, from vacation destinations to hidden travel gems. When not writing, Natalie can be found reading a good book or planning her next travel destination. At the moment, she is looking at the Algarve and its appeal for holiday-makers, particularly hotel recommendations and luxury Algarve villas.  You can connect with her on Twitter @NatWilson976.


6 Restaurants in Manchester Known for Their Beautiful Atmosphere

The fine dining experience doesn’t solely rely on the quality of food in Manchester, there are restaurants known for the way they are decorated, and when you’re going for a meal, the atmosphere plays an essential part of your evening.

Here’s a look at six of Manchesters best known restaurants for tasty dishes and a perfect ambience.


Article written by Natalie Wilson


Offering modern Chinese cuisine and original cocktails, Tattu is one of the most famous restaurants in Manchester. Its Asian themed decorations are the first thing you will notice when entering this restaurant, and its iconic indoor trees with beautifully coloured leaves are something you could stare at for hours. The restaurant offers a collection of dishes that are small and well presented, and it’s advised that you order a few starters to share so you and truly taste the variety of the menu.


Located in Spinningfields, this restaurant isn’t the easiest to spot as it is underground with a small glass entrance in the shape of a pyramid. When you make your way downstairs, you will see the clean-cut finish that the restaurant has created to make every customer feel they are dining in luxury. Beige and white decorations accompanied by light wood furniture used throughout the location will keep you enjoying yourself while waiting for your food to arrive. The cuisine is Australian which includes influences from Indonesia and Japan and is known to have some of the best dishes in Manchester.


This elegant dining experience is in a grand hall which includes ceramic pillars, an atrium ceiling and an indoor garden atmosphere. Refuge doesn’t just cater to diners, it also includes a roomy bar for those wanting more than just an evening of fine dining. There is a complete variety of cuisine to choose from on the Voltini which is similar to the tapas style menus. This is a reasonability priced choice of venue when compared to the previous two restaurants mentioned.


Allotment… With two bars located in Birkdale and Manchester’s Northern Quarter

From the outside, you might be expecting to enter an old fashion pub and greeted with a haze of noise. However, Allotment is known as one of the prettiest bars/ restaurants in the Northern Quarter. Filled with plants, greenery and fairy lights, the fresh surrounding is also accompanied by a tasty menu with a great choice of signature dishes. The Horticulture- theme of this venue also includes chunky wooden tables and chairs and is renowned for its grand gin menu.

Tast Catala

A true taste of Catalonia, this bar is owned by Manchester City F.C. manager Pep Guardiola. The intimate tables and light ambience gives this restaurant a refreshing appeal that is perfectly matched by an adventurous menu. The head chef of this establishment wants every customer to experience Catalonia for its finish meals, their goal is to treat you to cuisine that is unexpectedly good, and there tends to be 4 to 6 courses to experience.

Randall & Aubin

Arguably the best place for seafood in Manchester, the front of this restaurant is highlighted with branded awning and fresh seafood displayed like a marketplace shop front. As you enter, a bar area is available while you wait to be seated, and the rest of the venue offers a low light ambience which is brightened up with authentic lights and clashing neon signs. The dining area is warmly carpeted, and dark woods are matched with gold finish piping to offer more of an authentic finish.

It always best to review the prices of each venue before you commit to any bookings, however, if you want a luxurious experience for a special occasion, all 6 of these choices have slightly different prices brackets and a different take on their potions, but they all promise to offer a memorable evening.

Author Bio: Natalie Wilson is a freelance writer in the travel niche, and can provide advice on anything from travel accessories to hidden gems. When not writing, Natalie can be found reading a good book with a cup of tea or planning her next travel destination. You can connect with her on Twitter @NatWilson976.


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