12 Best Productivity Tools For Food Bloggers

Productivity Tools For Food Bloggers…

Being a Food Blogger is requires lightening fast typing, a good grasp of grammar and an ability to keep ahead of the trends.

When you’re trying to keep up with demands for content, it’s hard to keep the quality of your writing high.

Thankfully though, there are tools that can help you online.

Here’s 12 of the best tools online that will help you get the most out of your food blogging.

Productivity Tools For Food Bloggers

12 of the best tools online that will help you get the most out of your food blogging

1. Word Counter: Microsoft Word used to be the golden standard for writing, and it was easy to check your word count as you worked. Now, though, there’s all sorts of text editors available. Not all them have a word count feature. If you use one without a word count, this tool is for you. All you have to do is paste your writing into it, and it will give you an accurate word count. When you’re required to write a certain amount of words, this tool is hugely helpful.

2. Grammar Guide: Your grammar has to be perfect when you’re publishing online. Any small slip up will be instantly noticed when others read it. If you’re unlucky, it’ll get shared online and you don’t want to risk your reputation on that. If you’re worried about your grammar skills, use this easy to use Grammar Guide. It’ll help you avoid all major issues and write flawless copy every time.

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3. Buffer: Social media is essential for any blogger. It’s the place a large chunk of your readership will discover you, so you want to keep up with all the popular sites. However, updating them all individually is a drag. This tool makes the job a whole lot easier, by letting you update all your social media accounts from one dashboard. Now you won’t have to waste precious writing time on updating all your accounts.

4. Essayroo: Who has time to proofread their writing? When you’re up against your deadlines, you need to be writing, not poring over the copy you should be sending out. If you have too much work to be reading over, send it over to this writing service. They’ll proofread your writing for you, and make any edits that may be needed. Then, they’ll send it back to you ready for publication.

5. Writefull: Ever wished you could get instant feedback on your writing? This app allows you to get it, wherever you are. It can be downloaded into almost any tool you use for writing, from Microsoft Word to Gmail. As you write, you’ll be able to pull up a wealth of information at any time. You can check your grammar, or correct your spelling as you go.

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6. Zen Writer: There’s so much distraction just waiting for you online as you’re trying to write. You just go to check a fact, and before you know it you’re knee deep in Wikipedia. You need something that will let you write without giving you the option to look online, but other than using a typewriter how can you do that? This tool has the answer. Download this app, and it will give you a distraction free writing screen. You can’t do anything except write, until you close the program at least.

7. Trello: If you work in a team to create a blog, it can be a nightmare keeping track of everything. In between all the emails, instant messages, and text messages you send each other, it’s incredibly easy to lose something important. Instead of struggling with all of these different methods, bring everyone together with one tool. Trello allows you all to communicate in real time, and share anything you need. Search functions allow you to find that one piece of information or link quickly, rather than scrolling through endless chat feeds. It’s just a much easier way to collaborate.

8. UK Writings: You may be great at the writing part of blogging, but not so hot at editing. You may be tempted to skip that part and publish right away, but that’s always a bad idea. Instead, rather than struggle with it send it to this writing service. They’re staffed by top writers who know what makes a great blog. They’ll make the necessary edits for you, then send it straight back.

9. Drafts: Ever been out and about when the perfect idea comes to you? This app is the best way to record that idea before it disappears into the ether. This app can be downloaded onto your phone and can even be controlled through your Apple Watch, if that’s more your style. There’s a whole range of features you can take advantage of, including Markdown editing, font and colour customisation, and tappable links for phone numbers and more. It’s one of the most comprehensive note taking apps around.

10. Blogo: This is possibly the most intuitive blogging app you’ll ever use. It makes the process of designing a blog so much easier. As you write, the blog will be formatted for you so you can just how it will look online. You can schedule and organise your posts with ease, and search through your posts to find exactly what you need. The best part is that you can download the app onto almost all of your devices. Have an idea while you’re out of the house? You’ll be able to get it down before you get it, right into your blog creator.

11. Hemingway Editor: This tool helps you proofread your writing quickly and efficiently. All you have to is paste your writing in, and it will highlight any errors you’ve made. Get them corrected and you’re ready to publish.

12. Blank Page: Looking to write more? This tool can keep you motivated. Set goals for your writing, then use their distraction free space to get typing. It looks clean and simple and will help keep you on track.

There you are…

The 12 Best Productivity Tools For Food Bloggers

If you’re struggling with your productivity, give these tools a try. You’ll see your output increase dramatically, with no reduction in quality. RECOMMENDED READING: How To Launch An Authority Blog

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