How a detox diet can change your lifestyle?

Our lifestyles have become extremely hectic, without us even realizing it. Do you remember the last time you went to sleep without putting an alarm for the next day? I personally can’t and miss the uncertainty in my life.

Our lives revolve around our work and social circles.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, the race is getting tougher each day. And we try harder to survive.

How a detox diet can change your lifestyle?

All this competition at the workplace, personal stress and pollution, gives way to an extremely unhealthy mind and soul. The pain between your eyebrows or the acidity you get every so often is an indirect result of this.
Finding time for frequent workouts and eating mindfully seems like a task in today’s date and time. Food makes for a major contributor to how we feelHow a detox diet can change your lifestyle?, inside and out. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you suffer throughout. Here comes the concept of detox diets.

Detox or detoxification is a way of enabling your body to release stored toxins from your system. Toxins collected from the surrounding and bad food products, can detriment your vital body organs.

Detox cleanses the inwards by converting toxins into less harmful compounds and releases them from the system.

How do detox diets work on your body?

Detox diets are usually short-term dietary modifications that help cleanse your body and blood of toxins. It requires a span of fasting with a very limited diet of vegetables and fruits.

The dietary restrictions depend on the kind of detox you are undergoing. Some detox diets could include teas, supplements, herbs and juices. This allows your vital organs to rest with simple digestion.

Gradually, it leads your liver to flush out the excess toxins that are stored in its boundary, through feces and sweat. With a cleaner gut your blood circulation improves.

And so does your immunity, leaving space for good nutrients to fill in.

Most popular detox diets that work

There can be multiple types of detox diets that influencers claim to have benefitted from the web. You can choose any as per your preference and dietary conditions.

Here are the top diets that have garnered attention and showed results in the past: –

Martha’s Vineyard diet detox – You can only consume certain kinds of juices from specific vegetables and fruits in the 21-day detox diet. The intention is to cleanse your system with the additional vitamins and antioxidants in your diet.

Raw food detox – Eating your food raw means you get to consume the enzymes they come with and use it for detoxing our systems.  This means no meat and dairy but a lot of nuts, fruits, juices and vegetables.

Hallelujah detox diets – This diet requires you to eat only raw or living food. This cuts out poultry and dairy products off your diet. This means you should eat your food in its natural form, that is raw.

Liver Cleansing diet – It’s a very healthy way of detoxing. Your diet would involve veggies, poultry and lots of water. You get to consume a lot of healthy fats but no dairy products.

Master Cleanse detox diets – This detox requires you to survive on lemon water, salt solutions, cayenne powder and maple syrup for 10 days. This is considered to be extremely dangerous as there is no food intake for an elongated period of time.

5 ways detoxing can help you in having a better lifestyle: –

belly detox

You won’t feel unhealthy in your mind and body-

How you feel in general is largely dependent on the wellness you have inside. Your productivity decreases when you have an ailment bothering you inside.
As Millennials, productivity makes for a big priority for us.It could be that flu that keeps coming back every month or the acidity you get after every meal.

It makes us irritated without us realizing it. The feeling you get when you wake up early in the morning is a healthy feeling and stays longer without toxins in your body.

Most us fail to connect our food with our feelings, this results in prolonged suffering. Detox diet helps you do this successfully.

You will have better control over your weight-

Our bodies have a certain calorie requirement, as per our age and gender etc. We also have very specific nutritional requirements too.

When you provide your body with more calories than that is required it converts to fat and stores up in your body. Additionally, toxins lower your metabolism that further reduces your fat burning capabilities.

This results in weight gain. In detox diets, you have a limited supply of calories for your body.

With no junk and bad cholesterol in your diet, your body gets rid of those toxins and additional fat that was stored up is used instead. You are able to lose weight and maintain it better.

Your sweet and carb carvings will be lesser-

Sugar and carbohydrates are by nature extremely addictive. Studies have shown, sugar addiction can be more serious than cocaine addiction.

Using willpower to stop those cravings is extremely difficult, as it is science that defies you. Sugar cravings are biological. You can only cut those cravings by using biological methods to stop them in the first place.

Certain detox diets can successfully make you forget sugar and carbs. Giving your body the right thing and the right time ensures lesser cravings later.

You will be more disciplined in your life-

It might not be an easy task to pull off, but most certainly is the need of the hour. Just try and imagine, you will have nearly the same amount of stamina as you used to have in your yesteryears.

The initial willingness will require you to commit to the cause and explain it to yourself why it is important. You will be able to pull off the task with that willpower.

Friends and family can play a big role in body transformations.  Keeping a thorough check on your food makes you more disciplined in your lifestyle. Gradually, it becomes a lifestyle and you even subconsciously manage your diet while travelling too.

Detoxing will improve your focus and make you confident…

While you are detoxing, you have a fixed timetable you stick to. There are limited food requirements at certain time gaps. Your life is pretty minimalistic now with lesser distractions. This enables you to focus more on other important things in life. You will feel confident with this added advantage you have.

There is no scientifically proved data how detox diets work but they have worked wonders for people. Not many human-based research has been proved to its advantage yet. Ancient Indians used to fast for a day every week to allow their systems to rest. These habits have helped them live and eat better with time.

Tell me which diet helped you and how did it impact your lifestyle, in the comments below.

Author Bio: Arkya Dey executes and strategizes content marketing campaigns at PagePotato. An MBA by education and a designer by heart, he loves analyzing social media trends and likes to read/write on human behavior & managing workspaces. Apart from this, he makes Infographics and Explainer videos on his favorite subjects. He hits the gym daily & in his spare time, he helps upcoming movie makers with script writing. You can also find him on LinkedIn & Twitter.

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