5 Healthiest Holiday Party Foods you should try

Healthiest Holiday Party Foods


Healthiest Holiday Party Foods

Parties are galore in the UK. Most of the people prefer parties to vent out their work related stress. They regard these parties as an instrument in socialization and the like. Parties have become a part and parcel in today’s corporate culture. There are various elements which become the cynosure of one’s eyes in such parties. One such element is Food. While partying hard, it is a pre-requisite that our intake should also be apt and par excellent.

Of late, ‘Music’ and ‘Food’ have become the most sought after ones in parties. Be it a close knit family party or business related parties. As Christmas is fast approaching, most of the corporate like to throw a party for their employees and clients and most of them are very particular about the food. Even though there is various finger- licking foods in the market, one should also see to it that they are really healthy. Some of the food may seem to be healthy. But in reality, they would not have served the purpose. Hence, we have come up with the top-most healthy food preferred by people of all ages (especially in the parties).

Smoked Salmon on Toasts:

In a nutshell: omega-3s.

Essential fatty acids are present only in a handful of food and ‘Salmon’ is said to be one.
‘Omega-3s’ paves a way to keep the blood pressure down and also to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol. It also puts a bay for heart disease. Sounds good, isn’t it? Apart from that, the Omega-3s also provide a natural glow to your skin and grants a youthful look always.

Even many Heart Associations in the UK also recommends consuming Omega-3s source twice a week. Hence, you can lay hands on this food and this is regarded as the healthy party food. While consuming alcohol, it is always better to include in the ‘Party Menu’, undoubtedly.

Shrimp Cocktail:

Filled with protein and also skimpy on calories, this ‘Shrimp Cocktail’ is the most preferred healthy party food and also best ‘appetizer’. Another advantage of this dish is that it offers a lasting satisfaction for your belly as protein is considered to do the needed magic via Shrimps. It also contains zinc and it facilitates a strong immune system.

As an icing on the cake, this party food augurs well with sauce. But the thing to bear in mind is that, its sugar proportion. So, we should avoid this bottled sauce and prefer dipping them in the salsa.

Chicken Kabobs:

The most sought after party food is nothing but, chicken. Consuming this chicken in the form of Kabobs is really healthy as this Asian origin appetizer is mostly grilled. They are also skinless, which makes it really fat-free. As it contains few calories, this party food can be taken in almost all sorts of parties.
Even kids can also give it a try and its scintillating taste will remain in your tongues forever.


The prime ingredient in this dish is ‘Avocado’. As it is loaded with healthy fats and valuable nutrients such as beta-sitosterol, it facilitates in bringing down the levels of bad cholesterol to a considerable amount. Astonished? True!!! This holiday party food definitely enhances the taste buds of your guests and London caterers will add the needed spice in the preparation of this authentic dish.


Another prominent holiday party food is ‘Sushi’. This is also another low fat food and it will provide a sense of satisfaction owing to the white rice prevalent in this dish. The pieces with salmon or tuna inside deliver that coveted omega-3s, which adds value to the health aspects. Even the fishless variety is engulfed with a healthy slice of cucumber or other veggies. The seaweed that hugs the rice, called nori, also packs a nutritious punch, as it contains minerals which is got from the sea. One thing you should ensure is its ‘freshness’.

Healthiest Holiday Party Foods Conclusion:

“Holiday Parties” have become the most sought after entertainment for many people in the UK. Complimenting the same with healthy food has become the sole responsibility of London Caterers. There are varied options in the market. It lies in the hands of the people to opt for the best and tasty ones.

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