Gizzi Erskine – Healthy and Tasty Recipes For Lunch Hour

The best thing since sliced bread

In the following video food writer Gizzi Erskine shows you how you can liven up your daily lunch.

With everyone working harder than ever at the moment, the long leisurely lunch break appears to be a thing of the past. You may find yourselves lucky if you are able to grab 15 minutes halfway through the day, and even then, how many times do you stay at your desk catching up on household bills or emails from friends? This summer Gizzi Erskine and recruitment specialist Monster are on a mission to ‘Bring Back Britain’s Lunch Hour’!

If you are one of these desk junkies then it is often difficult to make sure you have a nutritious lunch. If you are getting fed up of the daily cheese sandwich then Gizzi has the answer.

You can easily bring new live to your lunches with simple changes. Perhaps alter the bread you use, try having a nutritious soup or delicious, healthy salad.

The key is to prepare the night before, remember any left over’s you have can be turned into a delicious meal for the following day. And for those with really hectic lifestyles, make a large quantity at the weekend and then you can take portions throughout the week.

You will be amazed at the difference a healthy tasty lunch can make on your productivity and general well-being come the end of the day. Monster believes the lunch hour is time to enhance work/life balance by spending time away from the desk. Eating good food, learning something new, reading, exercising or just relaxing, will enable smarter working in the afternoon.

In order to help liven up your lunch hour, food writer and presenter Gizzi Erskine has teamed up with to provide you with some nutritious and delicious recipes.

In the following video she talks you through a week’s worth of recipes

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