5 Trendsetter Cocktails – Stay On Top Of Your Cocktail Game

Cocktails – in recent years, are like super fancy artisan drinks, crafted by bartenders around the world. The recipe changing region to region with more exotic ingredients has set its trend. Each year the trendsetters are different, and 2020 is not being shy!

Trendsetter Cocktails

2019 saw cocktails trends that were sweeter, gin, and rum-based. Sherries and daiquiris were sensations. And, there were slow talks about wellness and health – which in 2020 is unfolding into a trend which we can’t ignore anymore.

5 Trendsetter Cocktails – Stay on top of your cocktail game.

CBD infused cocktails

CBD has taken all worlds into its trend. And, we are looking at so much CBD inspired stuff from medicine to skincare. That doesn’t end there! The fad has taken over bars and coffee houses around the country. Bartenders mixing “CBD oil” into various cocktails – you can imagine the buzz.

5 trendsetter cocktails for 2020 – Stay on top of the game.

Yet there are so many rumors about it! Will CBD infused cocktails take you to cloud nine? Well, CBD-Cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive chemical found in hemp plants. That being said, it doesn’t contain THC – so it will not make you super high! Yet the said effects are the feeling of relaxation.

Bartenders are using an eyedropper to manage the doses of the CBD oil – and mixing it with tinctures and teas. CBD can give an earthy texture and flavor to Gin or Amaro based drinks. And, it is a go-to recipe to buzz your mind. CBD oil suits much with non-ABV (Alcohol by Volume) cocktails. So two drinks are enough to push you out of bed the next morning! One thing to keep in mind is that in many regions of the country, CBD products are not yet legalized! So it is important to remember that you won’t get in trouble!

Classics are back!

In the past few years, we saw a plethora of fancy drinks – with infinite, more elegant ingredients. And somehow, after roaming and discovering into lands of mystical fancy drinks, we are back to the classic ones. Yes! Classic drinks are back in business. People now more than ever are into cocktails with 3 or 4 ingredients.

And, we are talking about “Highball,” making its way into the upstream. Do not confuse this classic drink with any fancier versions – a highball is just whiskey and ginger ale! Some recipes use plain soda water, but ginger ale is the best ingredient. Any drink enthusiast knows how a classic highball tastes. The variations made from these two drinks are just divine and straightforward.

At home, it is easily brewable – and already has a perfect formation around the world. Our recipe follows like – fill a highball glass with ice, pour 2 ounces of crown royal reserve and top up with ginger ale or your favorite soda. You can go ahead and throw in some lemon zest or flavor schnapps and orange juice. A perfect drink for your happy hours!

Trendsetter Cocktails  — No to low ABV

We are peaking in 2020, and one thing that goes without notice is “health consciousness”. The wellness-minded people are buzzing around low proof cocktails. And, it has set a new trend for 2020 among fitness seekers to make youngsters’ conscious about what they drink.

go ahead and throw in some lemon zest or flavor schnapps and orange juice

What are low proof cocktails – Simply saying alcohol with low ABV(alcohol by volume) shaken together! We are looking at drinks with base ingredients like Aperitif wines, Sake, Vermouth and sherry, etc. The alcohol percentage varies from 15 to 20 percent. Sweet and sour, dry to intense flavors, and tons of innovation are just lying around the low ABV drinks – you need the necessary imagination!

The rise of low proof cocktails is the cause of people looking out for a style of sophistication mixed with healthy juice. It’s no more about just getting drunk, and more about discovering flavors, mixtures, and prepping for new drinks. It’s a trend you need to hop on now!

Trendsetter Cocktails — Kegged Cocktails

Don’t come to a subtle conclusion of excluding kegged cocktails. Everyone can agree on the point that cocktails are art! The craftsman in the bar elegantly pouring drinks topping with exclusive flavors is just mesmerizing. The said drink is then poured into beautiful glassware with dozens of ingredients to spark it!


et at times, it becomes widely impractical and too precious for high crowd places! In the reign of fast-paced bars and pubs, there is just no time for royal sophistication. And hence the “kegged cocktails” have come into existence.

The preparations for batched drinks are old school now. The bartenders mix the said ingredients before ready to serve to achieve the max speed during busy hours. The world accepted the concept of kegged cocktails versions. Don’t worry! You can maintain the freshness as long as you want in newly developed refrigerators.

The recipe mixed and stored in the freezer is ready to serve anytime! Well, we can agree it’s just a natural and straightforward – time-saving technique! The drink menu is just “ready to serve”! Don’t get mistaken here – you can get any recipe stored for an instant drink. Kegged cocktails are the only necessary evil here!


Umami cocktails


The gift from the Japanese – “the umami factor”! This mysterious flavor has its range – And is being the latest obsession for enthusiastic drinkers. The Japanese explain umami as savory deliciousness – naturally occurring elements in miso and mushrooms. Yet it’s more complicated than it sounds.

The flavor profile of umami is a full-bodied, meaty profile – which comes from amino acid L-glutamate. The top umami-rich foods are meat, tomato, seaweeds, seafood, green tea, and nuts. That explains why we are addicted to burgers, fish, and chips.

Tomatoes – you must be thinking of an umami-rich Bloody Mary! Yes, variants of “Bloody Mary” will give you an excellent idea of an umami cocktail. Right now, many bartenders are experimenting to get the perfect umami cocktails. Yet the Japanese establishments already have an exclusive menu for this mysterious tasting cocktail. They are making people venture into this fifth taste more!

Umami cocktails

We can safely assume 2020 is the year of wellbeing, health, simplicity, and exclusive flavor profile. Cocktails have always been a part of innovation and sophistication. People are always looking for the novelty to please their taste buds – of course. It is part of enjoyment and pleasure.

There will be a new trend every year.

But, for 2020, the golden words are healthy and simple!

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