Could Wine Overtake Classic Cars As a Top Investment Of Passion?

Serious about investing in wine?

wine investing

When you are looking for an investment plan, it’s important to consider investing in your passion.  Several assets gradually increase in value and generate more wealth within a given period. Assets like real estate investment, property ownership, shares in companies, and starting a business among others. All this will gradually ascend in value, and they will make a fortune in the long run. However, if you are solidly looking for an investment that will feed your needs and still make money for you, consider investing in one of top passion investments.

There have been some indication that wine has overtaken classic cars when it comes to the investment of passion. Here are a few reasons why fine wine is gaining ground in passion investment over classic cars.

Wine investment

In the last year, the fine wine went up the market with about 25 percent compared to the previous year. Therefore, making it to a top investment of passion assets. Wine always appreciates. Therefore, if you are looking for an investment plan that will last several years, or will grow to a certain percentage in years to come, wine is the best option. The more you store your wine in your harbor the better and sweeter it gets. Unlike any other passion investment, wine will give you a better pay within a concise period. Additionally, whether you invest as a primary supplier or at a retail level, you will always make returns from wine business.

What about classic cars?

Over the years, classic cars have been leading the investment of passion industry thanks to the onward renovations every time. However, the introduction of new models with new features has been making it hard for an investor to settle at a particular brand as an investment of passion. Other than Ferrari and Jaguar, which have maintained their popularity in the automobile industry, most classic cars are quickly overtaken on the market by new models. However, in last year, classic cars went up with at least 9 percent in the investment of passion.

Additionally, classic cars investment only makes a better deal for the company behind the manufacture and dealers. Taking this route as a private investor is a little trick. Once a car is made and sold, it starts to depreciate. Therefore, after few years of using it, you will sell it at a lower price than the way you bought it, thus making it a wrong investment choice. More so, if you take your car for services, the value goes down too. Therefore, if you plan to sell it five years down the line, probability is it will be worth half the price you bought it.

wine investment

Wine versus classic cars

Although both are a sound investment of passion. Wine is taking a significant ground in the investment industry. In fact, if you invest in wine today, you will be worth much more tomorrow and years ahead. Every time you buy wine enprimeur, you make a step towards wealth and riches. The wine retains its value for a very long time. The older wine has a great demand on the market than new wine. Therefore, if you invest in wine today, it will be worth much more tomorrow. On the other hand, the classic car will start losing its value immediately it’s sold in the market.  Additionally, the fact that wine gained 25% in one year shows it will be worth almost double the price in three to four years while classic cars will only be worth 30% more within the same period.

best wine investments

If you are looking for a way to invest in an asset that will be worth your money and time, wine is the best way to go.

Over the years, people used to prefer investing in real estate or shares business. Things have changed. Wine has proven to make the best returns against all other passion investment plans.

Lastly, wine investment does not require particular skills to become a successful investor. Instead, it only requires you to have a safe place for your storage to ensure you retain its initial taste for some years. Therefore as you invest in wine, ensure to take a keen interest in your storage plan for better results in your investment.

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