Top All-Time Favourite Takeaway Dishes Of Brits

?Brits are food lovers who love to savour on different dishes. So whether it is pizza or curry, sushi or pasta, they love everything. In the recent years, there has been an increasing trend of food takeaways from almost all the famous and well-known food joints of Britain. People have been finding the process very comfortable too. Some of the reasons for it can be the ease of getting the food delivered or the budget-friendly menus – all thanks to the food vouchers!

Top All-Time Favourite Takeaway Dishes Of Brits

So whatever the reasons are, a good number of food items have managed to get on the top of the takeaway list. They are:

1) Pizza

Favourite Takeaway Dishes Of Brits

This Italian food has always impressed people and is almost the easy option to order on the lazy weekends. You can find a wide range of options ranging from Hawaiian style, Chicago style, margaritas, cheesy ones, topping combos and what not! And yeah, make sure you don’t forget the dips while ordering.

2) Prawn toast

The crunchy and crispy taste of prawn toast is like offering satiety to your taste buds. So whether you are planning to have it as a starter or as a small munch in between the meals, they are just perfect.

3) Butter chicken

Brits love a number of Indian dishes and Butter Chicken is on the top of the list. Here the chicken is cooked in tandoor after marinating with spices and yoghurt. Then it is prepared in the gravy bundled with spices, tomatoes and yeah butter too!

If you are planning to have something to savour on the Friday nights while watching the TV why not go for it? Yeah, it is amazing for Saturday and Sunday too. Okay.. go for the entire week!

4) Kebab

The kebab is another interesting dish that is seriously loved by Brits. This Turkish dish has kebab – shish, doner and kofta all placed on the pitta bread and then garnished with garlic and chilli sauce, pickled chilli and salad. Nothing can be as satisfying as this one!

5) The burger

Top All-Time Favourite Takeaway Dishes Of Brits

There is nothing satisfying like a juicy burger.

Get you hamburger layered with tomatoes, onion and lettuce. Don’t forget to go for your favourite sauces – mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.

6) Sushi

Whether you are planning to taste temaki, nigiri, uramaki, sashimi or maki or even the California roll, wait no more. A number of restaurants in the UK have these dishes which you can take directly to your door.

7) Pasta

When we hear the word pasta, a number of dishes like lasagna, carbonara, Fettuccine Alfredo, Bolognese, Spaghetti and others hit our mind. The popularity of these dishes has led them becoming the most ordered takeaway among the people.

So how about holding a bowl of steaming spaghetti? Oh WOW…

8) Chicken tikka masala

Just like the butter chicken, the chicken for chicken tikka masala is first marinated in spices and yoghurt and then cooked in tandoor. After that, it is cooked in the gravy of cream and tomato.

When ordering it, don’t forget to try the garlic naan or pilau rice, which makes the combination work! Oh yeah, don’t forget to try paneer chilli as the starter.

So if you are new to Britain or have any plans to move there, just make sure to try out these favourite dishes of the Brits out there.

For sure, you will love them all.

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