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Sarastro restaurant review

Sarastro Restaurant Review

Two friends and I decided to go the theatre in the West end to see the Jersey Boys which turned out to be a wonderful musical about Frankie Valli and the four seasons the famous 60s pop band. We had a pre theatre meal at a fascinating restaurant close by called Sarastro.

On entering Sarastro Restaurant it looked like a scene from the Arabian nights, the interior was an amazing multi-coloured visual adventure for the eye to behold. The main area is made up of many different design styles based on Byzantine, Ottoman, Gothic and English offering a diverse range of seating accommodation.

The air was awash with equally diverse flavours as the menu is Turkish orientated, the food is broadly Mediterranean in style, and with a two course meal on average working out to as little £25 we knew we had chosen well.
We ordered a bottle of Echeverria Merlot a juicy ripe soft red wine from Chile which we all started to consume way too quickly! whilst awaiting our food.

We decided to go with the 2 courses set menu at £28.95. For starters I had Cacik, a delicious yoghurt with chopped cucumber and garlic which I gobbled down quickly with some hot crusty bread. My mate Steve had Shashouka, an appetizing aubergine, green peppers and sautéed onions in a tomato sauce while Claire choose Cheese Boreck, tasty cheese filled puff pastries.

The main course had some wonderful exotic sounding choices, I decided to go with the Lamb Anatolian which is a slow cooked lamb shank served with mixed vegetables and keskek which is a traditional Anatolian creamed wheat. It’s truly amazing how a slow cooked piece of meat really does have more flavour and tastes scrumptious then the usual fast cooked meat, and along with the veg and tasty creamed wheat I certainly can recommend this dish, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Claire chose the Chicken Mediterranean dish which is a chicken breast served with sautéed baby spinach, crushed potatoes topped with a béchamel sauce. She said the flavours were just gorgeous and described it as classically delicious! The dish gave off a wonderful aroma that was demanding serious attention.

Steve who took his time eyeing up the food ended up having Mutancana, a speciality dish in honour of the Ottomans which comprised of a sautéed beef with onions, peppers, apricots and mushrooms served with rice cooked in a seasoned broth. According to Steve this dish is a prime example of the lack of homage that we in the West give to the eastern Turks who deserve to be recognised as gastronomic geniuses, he obviously enjoyed the meal.

The service was prompt and impeccable throughout and we had no hesitation in leaving a good tip.

Along with a live band playing a mix of jazz and Turkish style music that was on while we were there we could not have enjoyed ourselves more, it felt as if we had just experienced some kind of exotic introduction to the Jersey Boys show that we were about to see.

Review By: Joe Piroli

Sarastro Restaurant:
126 Drury Lane, TheatreLand, London, WC2B 5SU
Tel : +44 (0)20 7836 0101 | Fax : +44 (0)20 7379 4666

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