A Guide to the Cheap Eats in London

A guide to the best cheap eats

24 hours in London – A guide to the best cheap eats….

It’s fair to say that every time you visit London, it’s never really a pleasant experience for your wallet or purse. Although the cuisine is fantastic, it always tends to come at a price. So, it really takes the fun out of eating out, even though London is probably considered one of the best cities when it comes to food! Don’t worry though, because the list that we’ve collated a little list which provides some of our great food for up to only £10 a head (or thereabouts). And we’ve covered every single base with some of your favourite food choices.

Abu Zaad

Based in Shepherd’s Bush Market, this Syrian restaurant is definitely something different to start the list with. We recommend going there around 11am – 1pm where you can load up on the freshly baked bread, houmous and other specialities at their all-you-can-eat breakfast on a Sunday. Be careful though as it’s easy to go overboard considering the portions are rather large, but for only £9.99 we’re not surprised if you do!

City Caphe

Fancy a bit of East Asian cuisine? City Caphe in Mansion House specialises in everything Vitenamese food and it’s no surprise that it gets plenty of customers through the door. It’s open every weekday between 11:30am – 4:30pm but it tends to be heaving around lunchtime, so you need to get there quick! Although it may get a bit cramped and busy, once you tuck into the food it’s all completely worth it. Spring rolls and baguettes are just a couple notable favourites. £8 will cover you nicely.

Flat Iron

Strolling through Covent Garden will help you find the famous Flat Iron restaurant that’s all about the steak. It’s different in terms of its seating with communal tables and no bookings service, so it’s definitely the sociable atmosphere if you don’t mind making a few friends whilst you eat. If you’re a red meat lover, this may just be the spot for you with steaks served right on the board and a selection of sauces to choose from. For a basic deal, you can tuck in for about £10.

Island Poke

We might not get the tropical weather of Hawaii but you can still reap the benefits from the cuisine. You can find Island Poke on Kingly Street where it’s home to some exotic food choices. It combines clean eating with fusion of flavours to create dishes containing the likes of soy tuna, sushi rice and spring onions. An Ahi Bowl at lunchtime is definitely a customer favourite and at just £8.85, you can’t go wrong.

Joe Public

A best eats list wouldn’t be completed without a restaurant specialising in Pizza! Queue Joe Public in Clapham. They bring the New York style pizza to the UK and you can practically enjoy it anytime after lunch, right up until midnight. You’re more than welcome to go for seconds… or thirds.

Two large slices of pizza seem to satisfy the taste buds relatively well with toppings ranging from chicken to veggie options. Prices for are around £3.50-£5 depending on what you fancy.

Whether it’s a dinner for two or a large group gathering, the price of your meal shouldn’t make you feel guilty after having such a good time. It’s always worth taking the time to research a few restaurant deals to see what’s about and you might just find that you’re getting more than your value for money!

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