6 New Restaurants To Try In Manchester, UK

6 New Restaurants To Try In Manchester, UK

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When it comes to cities, Manchester continues to grow at an alarming rate. It is a vibrant city with a whole host of different restaurants and bars. Its no wonder that businesses are gradually beginning to move towards Manchester, joining the list of exclusive businesses that are already present. Since the turn of the new year, Manchester has 5 new exclusive restaurants that are highly recommended.

Shoryu Ramen

1 Picadilly, Manchester, M1 1RG


Shoryu Ramen is a Japanese ramen bar, which has found its new home in the centre of Manchester, or as it’s called Piccadilly Gardens. It’s official launch of the restaurant was marked as a celebration by the Lord Mayor of Manchester, Carl Austin-Behan himself. They provide a fresh balance of fresh and cooked food, giving you the all-round Japanese experience but in the UK!

The Refinery

G1 XYZ Building, 2 Hardman Boulevard, Manchester, M3 3AQ

0333 210 0016

The Refinery is based in a prime location in Spinningfields, however, don’t let the location scare you off. The Refinery are proud to offer competitive prices compared to other restaurants based in the same location and showed off with a stylish, yet smooth launch party in Spinningfields. With a wide range of services, The Refinery specialise in cocktails, however, the food they provide is classically British, bringing you their services from breakfast all the way through to dinner. Since it’s built in the extravagant XYZ building, it provides an ideal spot for all-day drinking, especially as it’s near the canal! The Refinery is something not to miss out on – it’s exciting new food and drink menu makes it one of the most exciting bars in Spinningfields.

V Revolution

20-26 Edge St, Manchester, M4 1HN – No Phone Number, Book Online


V Revolution is different compared to the other restaurants on the list as they’ve expanded from a little vegan diner into a larger store. The foundation of the restaurant was built on an animal friendly basis with a fast food twist. Not only do they provide animal friendly food, but they are a range of a shakes and cocktails all of which are vegan and dairy free! If of course you have joined the vegan train, then it’s something that you should most definitely consider at least!


20 – 22 King St, Manchester, M2 6AG

0161 641 7700

Suri is a restaurant that has hit the ground running in Manchester. Its brings food from the Mediterranean and Middle East and marries them together. It will offer both food and drink, however, the main attraction will be the food. With a complexion of mezze-style platers, Lebanese lamb cutlets and spice filled food, Suri are going to continue to exceed expectation. Not only does the food have a unique twist to it, so does the cocktail menu. Suri are offering cocktails which include the Mediterranean Mule, which includes vodka, ginger beer, Saffron Royale and Bombay Sapphire. As you see Suri are providing something unique and different compared to other restaurants.


162A Burton Road, Manchester, M20 1LH

0161 669 9061

The idea of Proove arrived from the Sheffield, and now are continuing their journey in Manchester. Proove is a pizzeria, with a signature slow-proved sourdough base. It won’t only serve pizza as their menu includes pastas, desserts and of course drinks. To highlight how different Proove are, the toppings of their pizzas are based on classic Neapolitan toppings. For pizza lovers, Proove will most definitely get your taste buds tingling!

Moose Coffee

20 York St, Manchester, M2 2BB

0161 228 7994

Moose Coffee is for all the breakfast lovers out there, especially, as its gone under the radar a little. However, attention has seemed to move towards them and its balance of classic breakfasts throughout the day. It’s the stuff for hangover dreams, however, it allows you to have something different compared to the restaurants Manchester have already. Moose Coffee want breakfast lovers to come and enjoy their food, so why not take advantage of it, especially when it is as glorious as it is.


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