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In recent years, the distance food is transported from producer to plate has shockingly increased by around 50%*, and even a simple roast dinner could have travelled over 24,000 miles before being eaten*. With the political and economic focus turned firmly towards the environment, many restaurants are now using local suppliers in order to reduce potential food miles. The Glasshouse restaurant in Lyndhurst, The New Forest, is one of the restaurants in the UK actively working to reduce food miles for customers by sourcing its produce locally to produce a sumptuous and exciting menu.

Located in Pikes Hill, Lyndhurst, the newly opened restaurant with a world-class chef has sourced the best of ingredients from Hampshire and Dorset to create an innovative menu, which in turn has boosted the local economy. Chef Richard Turner comments; “There are a wealth of delicious ingredients in and around the New Forest which are of the excellent quality one would expect from a restaurant such as The Glasshouse. By reducing the food miles of the ingredients we source we are not only getting deliciously fresh ingredients, but working to be more environmentally friendly in the process.”

Restaurant Manager Matt Magee has had positive feedback from current suppliers who have noticed a rise in profits recently due to businesses wanting to use local produce. He says; “Our suppliers are reporting that they have had a noticeable increase in business from local companies wishing to use suppliers in the area. Many of them have had profit increases as a result. A year ago people were more concerned with the cost of products than boosting the local economy, however this has changed recently and we’re proud to be part of this change - and getting better quality produce in the process.”

Suppliers to The Glasshouse are welcoming a change from large businesses being profit driven to being more environmentally aware. Claytons Farm supplies free range eggs to The Glasshouse and the eggs travel just 11 miles from the farm to the plate. Owner Phillip Shepherd comments; “It’s nice to see big companies dealing with small suppliers like us. Our produce is free range and healthy and our clients know that they’ll get a fresh quality product from us, which is worthwhile when serving quality meals to customers like The Glasshouse is doing.”

Because local suppliers to The Glasshouse are seeing their profits increase, some are now investing into eco-friendly business practices themselves. New Forest Spring Water, who provide bottled water to the restaurant (travelling only 18 miles) have changed their business plan in line with recent trends: “It’s not just ‘food’ miles that matter, but ‘product’ miles too and we’ve seen quite a change lately thanks to clients jumping on the environmental bandwagon. This has meant we are now investing into systems which will make our bottles completely reusable, thus providing an environmentally friendly solution,” says Rodney Gregg. “The increased business from companies such as The Glasshouse has made this investment possible.”

The Glasshouse Restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. The delectable three course set menu is £30 per head, offering superb value for money for the finest local ingredients served in a contemporary atmosphere. For more information and to view the menu, visit or call 02380 286129.

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One of the sumptuous locally sourced meals at The Glasshouse

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