Ullinish Country Lodge, Skye | Head Chef Bruce Morrison

Indulge in Skye’s remote luxury for £100

Surrounded by dramatic views, Ullinish Country Lodge occupies a less visited corner of Skye and for that part more mysterious. Sheltered by a small brae to the north and surrounded by lochs on three sides, this historic building has been host to Highland life for over 300 years. Now visitors to Skye can take advantage of Ullinish’s fabulous autumn and winter special offer. Between the 1st October and the 23 December 2007 guests can indulge in a delicious four-course dinner, sleep and relax in a bespoke bedroom and enjoy a hearty breakfast for a mere £100 per person, per night*.

Dinner at Ullinish is prepared by award-winning Head Chef Bruce Morrison and his team who serve the freshest Skye ingredients in the lodge’s candlelit restaurant. Fish and seafood caught from the surrounding waters, and meat and game from the hills are served alongside contemporary cuisine accompanied by fine wines from an extensive cellar.

Morrison’s modern French menu is complemented by his flair for the unusual. Amongst various delights, including an edible paint palette of multi-flavoured sorbets, carrot cornflakes and popping panna cotta sits his signature dish: ‘What came first, the mango or the coconut?’. Diners delight at the immaculate, sweet reconstruction of a traditional boiled egg and soldier combination that consists of vanilla cream and coconut pana cotta to represent the egg white; mango puree for the yolk; topped off with a brioche ‘soldier’. These pre-dessert appetisers, coupled with the stunning location, set the Ullinish experience apart.

The landscape around Ullinish Country Lodge is rare, rugged and romantic and is the perfect environment to appreciate autumn’s changing weather. With Ullinish Country Lodge offering accommodation and cuisine at the highest level, visitors are guaranteed the perfect end to a perfect day.

Contact details

Brian & Pam Howard

Ullinish Country Lodge


Isle of Skye

IV56 8FD

Tel: 01470 572214

Email: ullinish@theisleofskye.co.uk


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