Harden’s Awards 2016 – London’s Most Expensive Restaurant On Top

The Araki, the UK’s most expensive restaurant, has won the Chapel Down award for offering London’s Top Gastronomic Experience at the first ever Harden’s London Restaurant Awards 2016.

It beat competition which included Michel Roux’s Le Gavroche and Brett Graham’s Ledbury.

Among 12 categories, awards recognised the whole price range of dining experiences in the capital, the cheapest being the winner of the Best Street Food category, Mark Gevaux – aka The Rib Man – whose meat rolls start at £7.

London’s Most Expensive Restaurant On Top

See below for the review text from Harden’s London Restaurants 2017
(published next month in October 2016).

London’s newest Restaurant Awards

1. Harden’s is the UK’s original ‘user-generated content’ restaurant review site and guide, taking survey feedback from ordinary diners and curating them into reviews and ratings. The Harden’s survey of regular restaurant-goers is now in its 26th year. It has been national in scope since 1999. Harden’s is the only established detailed annual survey of restaurant-goers across the UK.

2. Unlike restaurant review sites like TripAdvisor, Harden’s has never published its surveyees’ raw reports online, to prevent ballot-stuffing. Having no access to raw user reviews makes it much harder to “game” the Harden’s system, because it is impossible to gauge how much false data to submit to do so. What’s more, Harden’s longstanding core of reviewers – some of who have been participating for over 20 years – provides a control group by which to assess reports from newer respondents.

3. Harden’s content is available in guidebook format, and in apps for iPhone; and also at www.hardens.com.

4. Harden’s London Restaurants 2017, £12.99, and Harden’s Best UK Restaurants 2017, £15.99, will be published in October and November respectively. The guides are available in all good bookshops, including Waterstone’s and Amazon.com

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