Celebrity Chef Lesley Waters savoury bread and butter pudding for Tots

Celebrity Chef Lesley Waters tempts tots with a delicious savoury bread and butter pudding

We all know what it’s like when it comes to tea time with toddlers – it can be hard enough getting them to sit still at the table let alone anything else! Between the ages of one and three years it can be difficult to get them to eat the right foods particularly as some toddlers can become fussy eaters.

Help is here with Celebrity Chef and mother Lesley Waters, along with SMA nutritionist Anne Sidnell who have designed 6 easy meals to satisfy your tot’s taste buds, and give them a good dose of the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.

In the fourth webisode in the series, Lesley makes a modern twist on this classic to the delight of her toddler panel.

Lesley’s tip: This recipe is great because it’s high in calcium, and contains vitamin C from the tomatoes. Clever twists like this on classic recipes mean goodness can be added to your toddler’s food without them even noticing.

Log on to www.smanutrition.co.uk where you can find more recipe suggestions with Lesley Waters in her Toddler Tastes webisodes.

* A 200 ml serving of new SMA Toddler Milk will provide up to 50% of a toddler’s daily requirement for key vitamins and minerals, including Iron, Omega 3 & 6, and Vitamin D.

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