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Vincenzo D'Antonio, our man in the Gulf of Naples recommends a lovely little hotel in Positano

Positano is a romantic, small town. It looks at its own reflections in the sea, mirroring its small houses and its white colour. It lies in that magic place where two seas marry and two magic gulfs meet each other, often smoothly, seldom hungry. Positano is the starting point of the Costiera Amalfitana. Positano means "up and down stairs everytime", as you climb from your swim on the beach, then to have a rest in your hotel, or to sample the delights of the excellent shops in the town itself, perched high above the sea.

Positano is the ideal place to set off on excursions to Conca dei Marini, at the Emerald Cave, and for Ravello, which was romantically called the terrace of the world. One of the houses that contributes to the character of Positano thanks to its Mediterranean design is a charming hotel named Casa Albertina.

This place is the very kingdom of silence. You get to the seashore by going down 300 steps. Coming back you're tired, so there is a small bus - very welcome when it's summer and sun is beating down!

The owner of the hotel is Signor Lorenzo Cinque, he seems to be everywhere at once, always busy, but always ready for a smile, a suggestion , a kind word. If you like you can take breakfast on the terrace overlooking the sea. In the distance you can see Praiano, another small country of Costiera Amalfitana.

The best accomodation is more than B&B, because we arrange dinner, too. And we have very good dinner and, after dinner we may choose to stay on the terrace, just to dream, looking at the sky at and the sea. Otherwise, we go downstairs and return to the seafront where, according to our age, we fall in love, have a few drinks, or shake our bodies to the beat of a music party.

Anyway, always, we put Positano in our top souvenirs of our life. One day, yes, it is so, one day will arrive a sad day: we have to leave Positano: sorry!

Vincenzo D'Antonio - May 1999

The cost of your holiday:

Half accomodation at CASA ALBERTINA is 200,000 Italian lira.
(That's about 70.00 or $110 as of May 1999 - pretty good value, eh?)

Via della Tavolozza, 3
tel. 0039 089 875143
POSITANO , 37 km from Salerno.

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