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Japan - a foodie's paradise!

This is undoubtedly the place for the adventurous foodie. We stayed for two weeks, with relatives to begin with, then we tried some of the big international hotels. Our cousins have lived in Japan for 10 years, so they were keen to show us what they call "the real Japan". We stayed deep in the country at a traditional inn with its bath-house, our tatami matted bedroom overlooking paddy fields with a nocturnal orchstra of frogs. We ate in traditional style in several different styles, though we were not good at sitting in the lotus position at those very low tables.

A visit to the supermarket is an absolute must for the true foodie. It's an adventure in itself - never have I seen such variety of different kinds of fish, mushrooms, vegetables and confectionery. There's no need to starve in Japan, even in the supermarkets there are tasting samples all over, and in the ubiquitous gift shops that sell pickles and confectionery nearly everything on sale can be sampled first. In Japan, if it moves, catch it - if it stands still, eat it. We had great fun selecting all sorts of fish and fungus to take back to the cousins' flat for experimental cooking sessions.

International Hotels and Western Dining

Japanese service is second to none and this is reflected in the quality of the large international hotels. No expense seems to have been spared in making these some of the best in the world. Everyone knows the cliché about how good the Japanes are at copying ideas and technologies. This is certainly true of culinary styles. Italian food is very popular indeed, though the head chefs at least are usually Italians. With French style food, or international haute-cuisine, things are different. Japanese chefs are keen to show their mastery of Western culinary techniques, though there is a certain amount of adaptation to Japanese tastes, a reverse fusion that is interesting in a way. One can't help feeling that it might be a little like your neighbourhood Chinese restaurant where the chefs have never eaten outside Birmingham.


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